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Print Quarterly XXXVIII, no. 3 (September 2021)

Rhoda Eitel-Porter, Print Quarterly

Number 3
September 2021


Revisiting Mantegna by DAVID LANDAU 251
New Light on the Life and Work of the Mezzotint Engraver William Pether (1739-1821) by DOMINIKA CORA 289

Shorter Notice
Three Meanings of ‘Copyright’ in British Nineteenth-Century Printmaking by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 302

The Pseudo-Gregorian Indulgence in Santa Maria Assunta in Fiera di Primiero by NICOLAS BARKER 308
Breidenbach and Reuwich’s Gart der Gesuntheit (Im Garten der Gesundheit: Pflanzenbilder zwischen Natur, Kunst und Wissen in gedruckten Kräuterbüchern des 15. Jahrhunderts) by DOMINIC OLARIU 311
Mystérieux Coffrets: Estampes au Temps de la Dame à la Licorne by CATHERINE JENKINS 311
Andrea Mantegna. Rivivere l’Antico costruire il Moderno by MARZIA FAETTI 315
The Print Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo. II: Architecture, Topography and Military Maps by PIETER MARTENS 316
Monumental Italian Painting in Prints (Grande Decorazione: Italienische Monumentalmalerei in der Druckgraphik) by DAVID KLEMM 319
Gottfried A. Gründler’s Der Naturforscher (1773) by ANNA GIELAS 322
The Art of Advertising and Vintage Advertising: An A–Z by SHEILA O’CONNELL 324
Did Vincent van Gogh Collect Japanese Prints? (Japanese Prints: the Collection of Vincent van Gogh) by ELLIS TINIOS 328
The Etching Revival (L’eau-forte est à la mode 1840–1910) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 330
New Scholarship on Lautrec (Toulouse-Lautrec, résolument moderne and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: La stratégie de l’éphémère) by BRITANY SALSBURY 333
HAP Grieshaber and Jems Koko Bi (Im Wald geboren / Born in the Woods: Jems Koko
Bi & HAP Grieshaber) by JEAN MICHEL MASSING 335
Prints at the Pierre 339
Publications Received 339

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Renaissance Invention: Stradanus’s Nova Reperta by PETER PARSHALL 342
The ’Pataphysical Potentials of Print (Alfred Jarry: The Carnival of Being) by ANNA SIGRIDUR ARNAR 347
The Poster: A Visual History by ALLISON RUDNICK 352

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