CONF Sep 16, 2021

Periodisation, Style, and the Humanities (online, 15 Oct 21)

online / University of York, Oct 15, 2021

Susie Beckham, University of York

Reading the Label: Periodisation, Style, and the Humanities
An Interdisciplinary PGR/ECR Symposium

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12:00 Welcome and opening remarks
Susie Beckham & Dr Melissa L Gustin

12:10 Keynote
Dr Andrew McInnes (Edge Hill University)

12:45 Panel 1 - Contentious labels (Chair: Dr Melissa L Gustin)
- Not Late, Just Out of Date: Deconstructing the Label of “Late Style”, Caitlin Doley (University of York)
- ‘Spasmodic ramifications in the erotic direction’: reclaiming the ‘Fleshly’ labelling of Pre-Raphaelitism, Nicholas Dunn-McAfee (University of York)

13:40 - 15 minute screen break -

13:55 Panel 2 - Constructed identities (Chair: Susie Beckham)
- The Liability of Labels: Reconsidering Style on the Middleton Cross, Dr Amanda Doviak (University of York)
- Which Antiquity? Problematising ‘the Ancients’ in eighteenth-century French architectural discourse, Christiane Matt (University of York)
- The ‘New Woman’ Illustrator?: Women Illustrators and Style at the British Fin de Siècle, Michelle Reynolds (University of Exeter)

15:10 - 15 minute screen break -

15:25 Panel 3 - Visualising the label (Chair: Dr Melissa L Gustin)
- The Temporal Nuance of the ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ Label and its Visual Communication, Susie Beckham (University of York)
- New Ways of Seeing: On Paradigms of National Canon Formation in Irish Modernism, Dr. des. Elisabeth Ansel (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
- How Can Historians Apply Contemporary Ideas on Whiteness as a Visual Label to Earlier Periods of Time?, Hardeep Singh Dhindsa (King’s College London)

16:40 Closing Remarks


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