ANN Sep 17, 2021

Material and Visual Culture Seminar Series (online, 29 Sep-8 Dec 21)

online / University of Edinburgh, Sep 29–Dec 8, 2021

Anna Myers

Join us for another series of the Material and Visual Culture Seminar, this year with a focus on 17th and 18th centuries.

Each week we’ll hear from two speakers, sharing their research on, and approaches to, the study of seventeenth and eighteenth-century material and visual culture. From reassessing how the work of female artists is read, to European visualisation of Latin America, and the exchange of objects, this year's programme covers a broad range of topics. We aim to make a space in which these rich histories can be explored from varied disciplines to enhance our research practices.

We’ll be meeting on Wednesdays, 5-6pm GMT, online using Zoom. Sign up via Eventbrite to receive the joining link and reminders.

While our website is being updated, please view the abstracts here


29 September: Reassessing Female Works
Sofya Dmitrieva: Reflexive Surfaces: L’Élève intéressante (1786) by Marguerite Gérard
Hannah Moss: Drawing Back the Black Veil: Using the Anatomical Venus to Reappraise Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794)

13 October: Imagining Scottish Identities
Shauna O’Neill: ‘Brotherlie vnitie is good and plesant’: the material culture of fictive kinship and Scottish Covenanter identity
Laura Scobie: Whisky’s material culture: Eighteenth-century roots of Scottish identity in the contemporary Scottish whisky industry

27 October: Visualising Latin America
Carla Hermann: Mexico City (1825), Rio de Janeiro (1827), Lima (1836): the erasure of indigenous presence in Robert Burford panoramas of Latin America
Carmen Channing Eberhard: Giants of the southern world: representations of the Patagones in the Early Modern world

10 November: Recovering Material Encounters
Marie-Claude Beaulieu Orna: 'Capturing Nature'!; Material and technical inventiveness in late eighteenth-century Grand Tour sketches and its appreciation
Víctor Sierra Matute: The Stuff of Sor Juana Inés: Tracing Objects in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic

24 November: Public Exhibition and Display
Mandy Paige-Lovingood: Royal Spectacles & Social Networks: Salon Exhibition Practice in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris
Wendy McGlashan: ‘Behold th’ exemplar of a perfect fair’: tragedy, satire, and gendered print culture in late eighteenth-century Edinburgh

8 December: Experiences of Empire
Philippe Halbert: 'An Iroquois Woman': Rouge, Redress, and the Sauvage in the Writings of Madame Bégon, 1748-1753
Zan Cammack: The ABCs of Empire: Georgian Alphabet Boxes

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