STIP Sep 15, 2021

Yavarhoussen Fellowship

Paris, Dec 01, 2021
Application deadline: Oct 14, 2021

Juliette Trey

The Yavarhoussen Fund and the INHA are launching the first Yavarhoussen Fellowship in 2021 in order to stimulate academic research on the history of art in Madagascar from the 19th to the 21st centuries, which still needs to be studied in greater depth in order to be widely shared.

Characteristics of the grant
The fellow will receive a monthly grant of 1,000 euros as well as a travel allowance of 5,000 euros for field trips, for a total amount of 17,000 euros.
The fellow will be expected to use the grant during the 12 months following the announcement of his or her selection, in particular to travel, i.e., to study archival and documentary collections, works of art, or, possibly, to meet with living artists, curators, art historians, collectors, etc., in Madagascar and elsewhere in the world, if relevant.
The fellow will be expected to deliver a tangible production (article, chapter of a book, exhibition, book, master's thesis, doctoral dissertation, etc.) at the end or during the year of the fellowship and to exhibit the results of his or her research at the invitation of the institutions that fund him or her (conference, debate, interview, etc.).

Conditions of application
This grant is open to researchers who are at the beginning of their academic career (master's degree, doctorate) and who focus on the history of art in Madagascar during the period from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Composition of the application file
The application file (in French, English or Malagasy) will include
1. A letter of motivation addressed to the Director General of INHA and to the Director of the Department of studies and research of INHA;
2. A résumé;
3. A detailed research program (5 pages maximum, excluding bibliography) in French, English, or Malagasy, including a summary description of the project, the state of the art, the methodology, and the objective pursued (writing a book, a thesis, an article, etc.), as well as a provisional schedule of the planned research visits (precise indication of sources, collections, works to be seen, artists and personalities to be met, etc.) and an indication of the budget required to carry out this program. A bibliography with an indication of the sources to be consulted will complete this file;
4. A certificate of current enrollment in an institution of higher education (master's degree or PhD)
5. A letter of recommendation from a scientific or artistic personality

Applications for the 2021 selection must be submitted online on the INHA platform ( before October 14, 2021 at midnight, Paris time.

Only applications submitted online on the INHA platform will be considered.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their applications.

The selection jury will be composed of France Nerlich, Director of the Department of studies and research at INHA, Claire Bosc-Tiessé, scientific advisor at INHA, Pauline Monginot, resident at INHA and the Yavarhoussen Fund president, Hasnaine Yavarhoussen.

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