ANN 15.09.2021

Contingent Systems: Art and/as Algorithmic Critique (online, 17 Sep-19 Nov 21)

online, 17.09.–19.11.2021

Ashley Scarlett

Virtual Panel Series hosted by the Illingworth Kerr Gallery & Alberta University of the Arts (Calgary, Canada)

Contingent Systems: Art and/as Algorithmic Critique is a bi-weekly virtual panel series that explores critical intersections between creative practice and algorithmic culture. Each panel brings together interdisciplinary artists and scholars to examine in greater detail a theme aligned with this topic. Paper presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion period and Q&A.

Further information as well as corresponding Zoom links can be found on the Contingent Systems: Art and/as Critique section of the Illingworth Kerr Gallery website --

The event is fully open to the public – no registration is required.


September 17th | Histories of Algorithmic Art

ADAM LAUDER | Martha Wilson: Algorithmic Performative
CONSTANZA SALAZAR | Challenging the “Data Body”: Embodied Resistance, 1990s-Present
SARAH FRIEND | Systems as Fictions


October 1st | Datafication & Practices of Extraction

FRAUD (Dr. Audrey Samson & Dr. Francisco Gallardo) | Terra Analytica
CLEMENS APPRICH | Animated Intelligence – Reformulating the Problem of Pattern Discrimination
NICOLAS MALEVÉ | Variations on a Glance


October 15th | Machine Learning

ZZYW (Zhenzhen Qi & Yang Wang) | Computational Haze
HALCYON LAWRENCE | Unnaturally Speaking: Exploring Algorithmic Bias in Speech Technologies
PIP THORNTON | Language in the Age of Algorithmic Reproduction: A Critique of Linguistic Capitalism

Organized by Crystal Chokshi & Dr. Mél Hogan (Environmental Media Lab, University of Calgary)


November 5th | Tactical Interventions: Interpreting and Interrupting Artificial Intelligence

ALEX BORKOWSKI | Voicing Neural Networks: AI in/as Performance
MARTIN ZEILINGER | Adversarial Images Between Abstraction and Generalization
HELEN KNOWLES | On Trial of Superdebthunterbot


November 12th | Unsettling Surveillance

BILL BALASKAS | What Happens ‘Before the Bullet Hits the Body’: Dismantling Predictive Policing through Public Art Surveillant
FELIPE RIVAS SAN MARTÍN | Post-Algorithmic Strategies A Queer Critique of Discourse in Scientific Images


November 19th | Gaming

MICHAEL MASURA FLORA | Composing Music: Play, Indeterminacy, and Human-Nonhuman Networks
REMY SIU | Real-Time Game Mechanics in Theatre and Music
TYRIQ PLUMMER | Respondent

Organized by Godfre Leung

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