ANN Sep 11, 2021

Visual Contagions through the Lens of New Media (online, 13-15 Sep 21)

online, Sep 13–15, 2021

Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, Université de Genève, CH

Visual Contagions through the lens of new media.
Online Symposium and Discussions
13-15 September 2021

Keynotes: Patrick Jagoda (University of Chicago), Knut Ebeling (Kunsthochschule Berlin).
Invited Artist: Mélanie Courtinat.
Organizing Committee: Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (University of Geneva), Thibaut Vaillancourt (University of Konstanz / Paris Nanterre), Anthony Bekirov (University of Geneva), Rui-Long Monico (University of Geneva).
Scientific Committee: The Organizing Committee, and Jean-Paul Fourmentraux (Aix-Marseille University / EHESS), Chu-Yin Chen (University of Paris 8 / National Tsing Hua University).




MONDAY, September 13, 2021. 03:00 PM-06:30 PM, CET


03:00 Introduction

03:10 Keynote Talk (live)
Knut Ebeling: Painting in the Digital Cave. An archaeology of the globalized image
Discussants: Gabriele Marino, Rui-Long Monico
03:55 Discussion on the following papers:
- Daniel Berndt: Beyond the exhibition space. Embeddedness and circulation of networked digital video art online
Discussants: Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau, Simon Zara
- Simon Zara: Latent Images, Mutation, Potentiality, Viscosity
Discussants: Marie-Laure Delaporte, Chu-Yin Chen

04:35 Pause artistique 1
- Brice Ammar-Khodja, EnsAd

04:45 Pause café

05:00 Keynote Discussion
Patrick Jagoda: Transmedia Contagions: Alternate Reality Games as Engines of Networked Collectivity"
Discussants : Naomi Vogt, Thibaut Vaillancourt

05:15 Pause artistique 2
- Achille Masson, ECAL

Naomi Vogt: An Edited Life
Discussants: Daniel Berndt, Marie-Laure Delaporte

05:35 Pause artistique 3
- Nora Fatehi, ECAL
- Chen Zhexiang, Beaux-Arts de Paris

05:45 Pause

06:00 Virtual, informal meeting with the artists

TUESDAY, September 14, 2021, 03:00-5:30 PM


03:00 Introduction

03:05 Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel: Miraculous NFTs? A Social Genealogy of the Cryptoart Contagion. Live.

03:35 Discussion

03:45 Pause artistique 4
- TaeHwan Jeon, ZHdK

04:00 Discussion on the following papers:
- Max Bonhomme: Composite Imagery and Political Propaganda. From Luther to 4Chan
Discussants: Gabriele Marino, Daniel Berndt

- Kevin Pauliks: Infecting the Internet. Memes Between Virality and Practice
Discussants: Daniel Berndt, Rui-Long Monico

04:20 Pause artistique 5
- Robin Champenois, EnS/SACRe

04:30 Pause café

04:45 Discussion on the following papers:
- Marie-Laure Delaporte: Who’s afraid of GTA?
Discussants: Paolo Ruffino, Anthony Bekirov

- Paolo Ruffino: Contagious games: agency and affect in videogame culture
Discussants: Max Bonhomme, Kevin Pauliks

05:05 Pause artistique 6
- Antoine Siron, ECAL
- Raphaëlle Kerbrat, EnsAd

05:15 Virtual, informal meeting with the artists

05:45 End of the day

WEDNESDAY, September 15, 2021, 3:00-5:30 PM


03:00 Introduction

03:05 Artist's keynote - Mélanie Courtinat. Live

03:50 Pause artistique 7
- Benjamin Spera, HEAD

04:00 Discussion on the following papers:
- Rui-Long Monico: Geek & Hustler: The Rapper as an Agent of Spread of Contemporary New Media Aesthetics, Culture & Ideology.
Discussants: Paolo Ruffino, Kevin Pauliks
- Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau:A Phenomenological and enactive approach of intermedial visual contagions
Discussants : Naomi Vogt, Simon Zara

04:20 Pause artistique 8
- Mathilde Buenerd, HEAD

04:30 Pause café
04:45 Discussion on the following papers:
- Anthony Bekirov & Thibaut Vaillancourt: Alternate Reality Games: a new mechanism of the virtual.
Discussants: Paolo Ruffino, Chu-Yin Chen
- Gabriele Marino: The Semiotics of Internet Memes.
Discussants: Max Bonhomme, Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

05:15 Pause artistique 9
- Amsatou Diop, HEAD
- Sperling Steen, ZHdK

05:30 Virtual, informal meeting with the artists

End of the symposium.

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