CFP Feb 17, 2021

Handbook: Ideologies in National Socialism

Deadline: Feb 28, 2021

Annika Wienert

An international and interdisciplinary editorial board is currently preparing a four-volume, English-language handbook on "Ideologies in National Socialism". It will be published by De Gruyter both in print and, in an extended version, online.

The area editors “History of Art and Architecture”, Christian Fuhrmeister and Annika Wienert, especially encourage art historians and researchers from related disciplines to submit proposals.
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- The Project “Ideologies in National Socialism”
English language historiographical study of the Third Reich and National Socialism has concentrated overwhelmingly on the political, economic, and military aspects of this enormously rich topic. Yet, comparatively little scholarly attention has been given to the ideological aspects of National Socialism which maintained a belief-structure underpinning the thoughts and actions of all major and minor players.
It’s time for a fresh view on Nazi ideology. Recent debates and new research have deepened our understanding of the goals of – and the inconsistencies within – Nazi ideology, but the picture remains confusing in both detail and overall structure.
We therefore believe the time is ripe for a major scholarly reference publication devoted to this important yet complex historical topic, one that will provide a unique repository for scholarship and encourage future collaboration.
The publication will comprise a series of volumes covering Nazi ideology in its various manifestations and contexts, including the military, the family, the humanities and natural sciences, medicine, racial science, religion and theology, the law, language, art and architecture, popular and elite culture, to name but a few.

- Publication Structure of “Ideologies in National Socialism”
The first volume: "Persons" explores the extent to which individuals engaged with Nazi ideology, both as a belief structure and as a determinant of their actions. From well-known protagonists to middle and lower-level representatives of the Party, State, the military, the economy, culture and the arts, the coverage will be detailed and wide-ranging.
The second volume: "Institutions" presents institutions and the different ideologies that determined and/or influenced their actions.
The third volume: "History of Ideas" is dedicated to the history, content and practical implementation of the major structural concepts that together unified National Socialist ideology and allowed it to become so pervasive throughout society.
The fourth volume: "Terms, Research and Perspectives" contains questions of principle and research, as well as smaller thematic areas that are not covered by volumes 1-3.

If you are interested in participating please submit up to 7 headword topics, for which you would be able to contribute an article. Each headword proposal must consist of not more than 200 characters. A short author cv of no more than 300 characters is also needed. Deadline for proposal submission is 28 February 2021.
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