CFP Jan 25, 2006

The meaning of copying (Washington 8-12 Nov 06)

Call for Papers

Historians of Netherlandish Art Conference
"From Icon to Art"

Washington/Baltimore, 8-12 November 2006

"Looking backwards. The meaning of copying"

Session organized by Dr. Ariane Mensger (Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern) in
collaboration with Dr. Dagmar Eichberger (University of Heidelberg)

In the past, research on copies was mostly undertaken in order to establish
questions of attribution and authenticity. In recent times, however, the
study of copies has become an increasingly broad area of academic interest,
interpreting the practice of copying i.e. in relation to the art market or
as part of artistic training. The session will focus on the phenomenon of
copying as an expression of artistic interest or even a kind of homage to
the art of earlier periods.

Erwin Panofsky was the first to state, that although copying is a common
practice throughout the 15th century, copying and retrospective tendencies
at the beginning of the 16th century can be considered as a phenomenon in
its own. Unquestionably, innovative painters like Jan Gossaert and Joos van
Cleve refer to models developed by early Netherlandish painters such as Jan
van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden. Often not only the motif but also the
style is copied. The reasons for this attitude towards tradition are still
to discussion. Besides the so-called "Flemish archaism" also Michel Cocxie's
copy after Jan van Eycks Ghent altarpiece and David Teniers use of copies
for the "Theatrum Pictorium" offer a broad range of interesting art
historical questions.

Papers could focus on such aspects as which works of art were most
frequently copied, the reasons (religious, political, artistic) for copying,
the role of the artist and/or patron, the contemporary awareness about "old"
and "new", the contemporary theoretical discourse on copying, the impact of
court culture, the art market and other socio-cultural contexts. Proposals
including a 250-word abstract and a brief curriculum vitae should be
submitted by March 15, 2006 to

Dr. Ariane Mensger
Ladenburger Str. 80
D - 69120 Heidelberg
0049 (6)221 484517

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