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Society of Arch. Historians (Vol. 64, No. 3, Sep 05)


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Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians



280 An Innovative Builder in Northern Burgundy: The Early Gothic Parish
Churches at Gurgy
and Beines
cynthia marie canejo

292 Concerted Efforts: The Quarter of the Barberini Casa Grande in
carla keyvanian

312 Juan Bautista Villalpando and Sacred Architecture in the Seventeenth
sergey r. kravtsov

340 “Miracle House Hoop-La”: Corporate Rhetoric and the Construction of the
American House
timothy mennel


362 Josef and Anni Albers: Designs for Living; reviewed by kristina wilson

364 Giancarlo De Carlo. Des lieux, des hommes; reviewed by naomi miller

367 Ant Farm 1968–1978; reviewed by thomas g. beischer

370 Inaugural Essay: Architecture and Multimedia: A New Unity?
edward dimendberg

371 Sotsgorod: Cities for Utopia, directed by Anna Abrahams and produced by
René Scholten and René
Goossens; reviewed by karl d. qualls


374 Italian Art and Architecture

Private Lives in Renaissance Venice: Art, Architecture, and the Family, by
Patricia Fortini
reviewed by robert munman

Papacy and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Rome: Pius VI and the Arts, by
Jeffrey Collins;
reviewed by john pinto

377 Czech Architecture

Santini, by Fritz Barth;
reviewed by michael young

380 American Architects

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House: Architecture as Portrait, by Jack Quinan;
reviewed by volker m. welter

McKim, Mead & White: The Masterworks, by Samuel G. White and Elizabeth
Daniel H. Burnham: Visionary Architect and Planner, by Kristen Schaffer;
reviewed by bruno giberti

383 Architecture and Technology

Artificial Sunshine: A Social History of Domestic Lighting, by Maureen Dillon
City Lights: Illuminating the American Night, by John A. Jakle
Architecture of the Night: The Illuminated Building, by Dietrich Neumann;
reviewed by daves rossell

Suburban Steel: The Magnificent Failure of the Lustron Corporation, 1945–1951,
by Douglas Knerr;
reviewed by darell wayne fields

Engineering Architecture: The Vision of Fazlur R. Khan, by Yasmin Sabina Khan;
reviewed by shahin vassigh

390 Malls and Sprawl

Merchant of Illusion: James Rouse, America’s Salesman of the Businessman’s
by Nicholas Dagen Bloom

Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream, by M. Jeffrey
reviewed by j. philip gruen

Building Suburbia, Green Fields and Urban Growth 1820–2000, by Dolores Hayden
A Field Guide to Sprawl, by Dolores Hayden
reviewed by suzanne frank

396 Abstracts

397 Annual Publication Awards of the Society of Architectural Historians

398 Papers Delivered in the Thematic Sessions of the Fifty-eighth Annual
of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vancouver, British Columbia, 6–9
April 2005


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