CFP Jul 29, 2005

KORR:Silesia and Bohemia.Common Paths of Art (Wroclaw-Legnica 19-23 Apr 06)

International Conference
"Silesia & Bohemia. Common Paths of Art"

Wroclaw - Legnica
19 - 23 April 2006


Deadline for abstracts: 15th Nov. 2005

In 2006-2007 the exhibition entitled "Silesia, a Pearl in the Bohemian
Crown. Three Periods of Flourishing Artistic Relations between Silesia and
Bohemia" will be introduced. The exhibition will be organised both by the
Museum of Copper in Legnica and the National Gallery in Prague together with
the University of Wroclaw at the Museum of Copper in Legnica (22nd April -
8th October 2006) and in the Wallenstein Manege at the National Gallery in
Prague (9th November 2006 - 8th April 2007). The topic of the exhibition
showing works of art from the epoch of the Luxembourg dynasty, from the time
of the reign of Rudolph the II. and from the Baroque period of the
flourishing Silesian and Bohemian abbeys and residences will correspond with
the accompanying conference taking place at the Institute of History of Art
at the University of Wroclaw in Wroclaw and Legnica.

The historical position of Silesia in relation to Bohemia can be called
specific. Bohemian rulers as well as Polish kings and princes had laid claim
to that region since at least the 13th century. Since the first half of the
14th century the majority of its territory remained within the borders of
the Bohemian crown. At the beginning of the 15th century Silesia managed to
resist the religious revolution shaking entire Bohemia. Afterwards, the land
was flourishing along with its capital Prague and the other lands of the
crown in the Early Modern Period. Eventually, it became the main reason for
the wars in the 18th century which in consequence established a new order in
Central-Eastern Europe. Since those times, though divided, it has constantly
been an example of a region of decisive political, economical and cultural
meaning for all of the neighbouring countries.

Studies on mutual cultural relations between Silesia and Bohemia have mostly
been interesting for researchers of many humanistic disciplines. Recently,
their significance has even increased. The latest syntheses on the common
history of the two regions and their common heritage of literature and
culture in its most general meanings as well as monographical studies
establish the basis of the modern comprehension of the common historical and
cultural identity of Silesia and Bohemia. Artistic activity and works of art
themselves have always been a noticeable value of exceptional importance in
this context.

The research-inviting atmosphere and constantly growing interest in common
origins of art in both regions led to the necessity of organising a forum
which will enable extensive and complex research on historical and
contemporary artistic relations between Silesia and Bohemia. The aims of the
conference are: introducing, summing up and discussing the latest research
on various aspects of the common paths of art in Silesia and Bohemia by art
historians, art critics, historians, culture historians and other
representatives of humanistic disciplines.

The conference is intended to extend both the topic and the chronological
frames of the exhibitions in Legnica and Prague. First of all, the
chronology goes beyond the three above mentioned periods. The matter of the
discussion ranges from pre-historical and early medieval traces in Silesia
and Bohemia to mutual relations in modern and contemporary art of both
regions. The topic will vary from different aspects of painting, sculpture
to architecture and crafts. It will focus on problems of guest activities of
Silesian and Bohemian artists in both regions, their travelling, education
and mutual reflections. The bilateral stylistic influence in works of art
and the artistic imports are also of great importance. The questions of
Silesian-Bohemian ecclesiastical and secular patronage, the matter of
artefacts being material evidence of parallel history of both regions as
well as pictorial types Silesian and Bohemian art have in common will also
be considered. Hence, the main stress will be put on related elements,
underlining the sources and characters of common artistic inspirations
rather than pointing out the autonomous elements in Silesian and Bohemian

The languages of the conference will be Polish, Czech, English and German.
We are also planning to open the exhibition in Legnica at the time of the
conference and, eventually to edit the papers as a book. The sent-in
proposals will be reviewed on the basis of the contents merit according to
their accuracy with the general programme of the conference. Please send
proposals with an enclosed Word for Windows digital version of the abstract,
not more than 1800 characters.

Mateusz Kapustka, Ph.D.
Andrzej Koziel, Ph.D.
Piotr Oszczanowski, Ph.D.

You can reach us at:
Instytut Historii Sztuki Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego
ul. Szewska 36, 50-139 Wroclaw, Poland
phone/fax: +4871-3752510

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