CFP May 11, 2005

Looking at the Overlooked (San Francisco, 23-25 Mar 06)

Berthold Hub


Looking at the Overlooked in Quattrocento Architecture and
Architectural Treatises

Deadline: 20 May 2006

RSA Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting,
San Francisco 23-25 March 2006

Quattrocento architecture and architectural treatises are studied almost
exclusively by scholars of art history, who usually disregard elements not
related to their traditional domain, such as ritual, magic, astrology,
cosmology, alchemy, Egypt, travel literature, utopia, ideal city,
architecture parlante, art of memory. Sessions will focus on the early
Italian Renaissance, especially on Filarete and Francesco di Giorgio
Martini. But other proposals are very welcome. Also invited are unusual
perspectives regarding occult versus humanism, medieval tradition versus
revival of antiquity, tradition and revival versus invention.

Send abstracts and short curriculum vitae by May 20 to:

Berthold Hub
University of Vienna
Art History Department

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