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October, Vol. 112, Spring 2005



VOL. 112 - SPRING 2005

published by MIT Press

* Roland Barthes:
From The Neutral
[translated by Rosalind Krauss]

* Antoine Compagnon:
Roland Barthes's Novel
[translated by Rosalind Krauss]

* Denis Hollier:
Notes (on the Index Card)

* Michel Leiris:
On Duchamp
[translated by Richard Sieburth]

* Richard Sieburth:
Leiris/Nerval: A Few File Cards

* Edward Dimendberg:
"These Are Not Exercises in Style": Le Chant du Styrène

* Emma Wilson:
Material Remains: Night and Fog

* David E. James:
Artists as Filmmakers in Los Angeles



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Rosalind Krauss (Founding Editor)
Annette Michelson (Founding Editor)
George Baker
Yve-Alain Bois
Benjamin H. D. Buchloh
Leah Dickerman
Hal Foster
Denis Hollier
Mignon Nixon
Malcolm Turvey

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Catherine de Zegher

managing editor
Lisa Pasquariello

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