CFP May 31, 2005

ICMA session at Medieval Academy conference (Boston 06)

Janet T. Marquardt

Medieval Academy of America 2006 Annual Meeting
30 March -­ 1 April 2006
Boston, MA

Deadline: July 15th 2005

International Center of Medieval Art Sponsored Session: Medieval Art and
Architecture after the Middle Ages

While art history usually concentrates its interpretive energies on a work
of art¹s original function and context, most works find the majority of
their viewers after the death of their original audience. This session will
look at the reception of medieval works of art and architecture in the
centuries after their creation.

Our interests are broad. We welcome papers on the continued use of
works in their originally intended context (like the perpetuation of Reims
cathedral as a coronation church into the eighteenth-century); their
adaptation for new uses (such as the conversion of the Hôtel de Cluny to
Musée de Cluny); their neglect, destruction, or restoration (as occurred
during the wars of religion in the sixteenth century, the subsequent
medieval revival movements in England and Germany, and the creation of a
French national patrimony of medieval architecture in the nineteenth
century) and how collectors and historians encouraged, facilitated, and
shaped such activities. We are also interested in historiographic studies
that examine how works of art and architecture have been interpreted since
their making, or how particular periods understood, appropriated, and
reinvented works of medieval art relative to the religious, political, and
aesthetic agendas of their own age.

Because the session celebrates both the centennial of the Medieval Academy
and the fifty-year anniversary of the International Center of Medieval Art,
its organizers are particularly interested in papers that speak to the
of medieval art within the broader sphere of medieval studies. We
submissions that engage multiple disciplines and a variety of
approaches and welcome proposals from scholars in all fields of medieval

Deadline for submissions is July 15th. Please send one-page abstracts and
Janet Marquardt ­
Alyce A. Jordan ­

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