CFP Mar 16, 2004

aaANZ Present Past-Present Futures (Auckland, NZ 1.-3.12.04)

Erin Griffey (FOA AHI)

Present Pasts - Present Futures. The Art History Department of the
University of Auckland, New Zealand, is hosting the annual conference of
the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (aaANZ), on December 1-
3, 2004. It is envisaged that three broad sets of concerns will be
explored or addressed in conference papers:

(i) Art and history in terms of notions about, and relationships
between, memory and history.

(ii) Cross-cultural interactions and representations in the visual arts,
as well as indigenous arts in the South Pacific, Australia and New
Zealand: painting, sculpture, photography, film, architecture,
installation, performance...

(iii) Digital and new technologies, and art and art writing.

In addition, there will be a fourth, 'open' stream in the conference, in
which sessions and topics which do not fit the broad subject areas listed
above, will be placed.

The conveners of the conference invite proposals for both individual
papers and session topics in these four areas. Proposals are welcome from
academics as well as art gallery and museum personnel, postgraduate
students and independent scholars. The deadline for proposal of session
topics is May 21st and for submission of abstracts for individual papers
is June 25th. Applicants will be notified by July 26th. Proposals and
abstracts should be 300-400 words. They should be sent via email as Word
attachments or on disc

to: Leonard Bell: or Erin Griffey: Len Bell/Erin Griffey, AAANZ Conference,
University of Auckland, Art History Department, 58 Symonds Street,
Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand.

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