CFP Mar 21, 2004

AHGA Politics and Art (Charlottesville, VA 16.10.04)

Elizabeth C Birdsall

Deadline: May 1, 2004

The University of Virginia's McIntire Department of Art Announces
Politics and Art
Thirteenth Annual Art History Graduate Association Symposium Saturday,
October 16, 2004

Call for Papers

The Art History Graduate Association (AHGA) at the University of Virginia
is seeking papers which explore the relationships between politics and
art. Papers may incorporate political theory, address the longstanding
interaction between politics and art, and should be rooted in historical,
art historical, or literary analysis. Possible themes include, but are
not limited to: images of political power in classical sculpture,
representations of kings and Crusaders in illuminated manuscripts, the
artistic patronage of ruling families during the Renaissance, political
monuments in public art, political satire and caricature, and the
enduring tradition of art as activism.

Papers are welcome from graduate students working in all disciplines and
historical periods, Western and non-Western. A one-page abstract, without
identifying information, and curriculum vitae are due by May 1, 2004.
Please include a separate cover page with your name, paper title, e-mail
address, phone number, university department, and departmental address.
For more information, contact Jessica Stewart at

By May 1, 2004, mail or e-mail submissions to:
ATTN: Jessica Stewart
McIntire Department of Art
University of Virginia
Fayerweather Hall
P.O. Box 400130
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4130

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