ANN Jan 22, 2003

Summer study historic preservation program in Matera, Italy

anne toxey

Dear H-net members,
Please be so kind as to forward this summer study announcement to your
students or to otherwise bring it to their attention.

Arc Boutant Historic Preservation Program in Matera, Italy: Preservation of
the Sassi (cave structures)
June 13-27, 2003

In collaboration with the Italian historic preservation office, this program
addresses the preservation of the ancient part-cave, part-constructed
dwellings (the Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Monument). Through cultural
immersion in this remote yet cosmopolitan southern Italian city, the program
approaches preservation through a historical, sociological, geographical,
and anthropological study of the site as well as through investigation of
technical issues of construction and conservation.

A full description of the program is available at:
Application deadline: February 28, 2003

Please feel free to contact me directly should you or your students have
questions or require further information.

With sincere thanks,
Anne Toxey
Program Director
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Architecture
University of California, Berkeley

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