CFP Jun 6, 2002

Rethinking Queenship in the Eighteenth Century (Los Angeles, 3-10 August 2003)

Michael E. Yonan


Proposals for papers are sought for a panel to take place at the
Eleventh International Congress on the Enlightenment/joint conference
with the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, University of
California, Los Angeles, 3-10 August 2003.

Session title: "Beyond Marie-Antoinette: Rethinking Queenship in the
Eighteenth Century."

Wife, mother, figurehead, regent, trendsetter, conduit, prop: the
eighteenth-century queen filled diverse and sometimes contradictory
roles. Scholars have identified fundamental changes to the concept of
monarchy that emerged in the decades before the French Revolution.
Desacralization combined with new, enlightened expectations of
monarchical activity to replace a divinely sanctioned absolutist
authority with a paternalistic model emphasizing proper judgment and
social responsibility. This session seeks to examine how these changes
specifically affected female monarchs. Moving beyond Marie-Antoinette,
the well-studied last Queen of France, we shall examine other, less
well-known figures whose experiences may have been more typical of
eighteenth-century queens. Possible questions for investigation
include: How did eighteenth-century female rulers respond to new social
pressures, new paradigms for their behavior, and new responsibilities?
How was queenship defined? How did queens negotiate the power
structures they inherited? What mythological or allegorical ideals did
they evoke? How did new attitudes toward queenship affect
representational practices? What similarities and differences existed
among queens across Europe? The session chair invites papers from a
multitude of disciplines, including but not limited to literature,
history, art and architectural history, sociology, music, anthropology,
and theater studies. The ultimate goal will be to discuss
eighteenth-century queenship from multiple angles and to enlarge our
understanding of the possibilities available to eighteenth-century
female monarchs.

Proposals, accompanied by telephone number, fax number, and email
information, are due by 15 September 2002 to:

Dr. Michael Yonan
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Saint Louis University
221 N. Grand Blvd.
St Louis, MO 63103
U. S. A.

Tel: (314) 977-3396
Fax: (314) 977-2999

Electronic submissions are welcome.

For more information on the conference, please see

Michael E. Yonan Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art History
Saint Louis University
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
221 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis
U. S. A.
Fax: (314) 977-2999
Geschäft: (314) 977-3396

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