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Art History, 24, 4, Sept. 2001

ART HISTORY, vol. 24, nr. 4, Sept. 2001


Robin Adele Greeley, 'Dali's Fascism: Lacan's Paranoia', pp.465-92

Christopher G. Hughes, 'Embarras and Disconvenance in Poussin's Rebecca and
Eliezar at the Well, pp. 493-519

Michael Cole, 'The Figura Sforzata: Modeling, power and the Mannerist body',
pp. 520-551

Dan Karlholm, 'Reading the Virtual Museum of General Art History', pp. 552-577

Elizabeth Marlowe, 'Cold War Illuminations of the Classical Past: The Sound
and Light Show on the Athenian Acropolis', pp. 578-597


Charles Harrison, 'The Difficulty of Rothko', review of David Anfam, Mark
Rothko; Jeffrey Weiss, ed., Mark Rothko; Sheldon Nodelman, The Rothko Chapel

Johan Ahr, 'Renoir Reread', review of Robert L. Herbert, Nature's Workshop:
Renoir's Writings on the Decorative Arts

Adrian Lewis, 'Place and Meaning', review of Paul H. Tucker, The
Impressionists at Argenteuil

Steven Harris, 'Occluded Front', review of David Lomas, The Haunted Self:
Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, Subjectivity

Shorter reviews of:
Deborah Howard, Venice and the East
Frederika H. Jacobs, Defining the Renaissance Virtuosa
Geraldine A. Johnson and Sara F. Matthews Grieco, Picturing Women in
Renaissance and Baroque Italy
Daniel D. Reiff, Houses form Books

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