ANN Oct 24, 2001

Gender Topogr./13th Feminist Art History Conf.(Barnard Coll. NY, 10.-11.11.01)

Coll. NY, 10.-11.11.01)
Date:24 Oct 2001

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"Gender Topographies" / Thirteenth Annual Feminist Art History
Conference, Barnard College, New York, NY, 10.-11.11.01

The Thirteenth Annual Feminist Art History Conference to be
held at Barnard College on November 10 and 11 2001 is a unique
academic event whose aim is to discuss various aspects of the
relation between contemporary feminist discourse and the visual arts.
Over the years, this conference has provided a forum for the
generation and exchange of ideas between established scholars,
artists and graduate students from accross the country, and from
around the world.

This year's theme is "Gender Topographies". One of the organizers'
objective is to spur a re-evaluation of the feminist debate around
the issues of private and public spheres. We have solicited abstracts
for papers and workshops on topics such as Feminist Methodologies:
Biography or Social Context; Constructions of Privacy in
Architectural Space; Photographic Enterprise: from the Family Album
to Fashion Photography; Digital Dilemmas: Privacy, Pornography and
Exploitation, and Women's Spaces in the Global Economy. In addition,
we are putting together two panels of distinguished scholars, who
will address topics related to feminist methodology, and femist
studies in ancient art.

Registration on weekend of conference: students $10.00; faculty/others $22.00

Contact information:
Herica Valladares
Barnard Feminist Art History Conference
Department of Women's Studies
201 Barnard Hall
Barnard College
New York City, NY 10027

Conference website:


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