CONF Sep 13, 2001

American Art Symposium, Nov 2001, University of Delaware

Micheline Nilsen

Symposium: "American Art Worlds and Material Culture"

AMERICAN ART WORLDS AND MATERIAL CULTURE explores the dynamic intersections
of art historical, decorative arts,and material culture studies. Each of
these areas of scholarship has evolved dramatically over the past thirty
years and each has maintained methodological and interpretive programs that
implicitly categorizes the aesthetic productions of the material and visible
world. This symposium intends to question the divisions that continue to
limit inquiry and to celebrate the points of conjunction that hold the
potential for expansive approaches to the universe of art, artifact, and


Friday, November 16, 2001 - Copeland Lecture Hall, Winterthur Visitor Center

8:00–8:30 am Registration

8:30–8:50 am Introduction

Ann Gibson, Department Chair and Professor of Art History, University of
Delaware; Bernard L. Herman, Director of the Center for American Material
Culture and Edward F. and Elizabeth Rosenberg Professor of Art History,
University of Delaware and Gary Kulik, Deputy Director, Library, Collections
Management, and Academic Programs,Winterthur.

8:50–9:40 am Keynote Address

Paul Warwick Thompson, Director, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,
Smithsonian Institution.

9:40–10:00 am Break

10:00–10:50 am

Jonathan Prown, Executive Director and Chief Curator, The Chipstone
The Quiet Canon: Tradition and Exclusion in American Decorative Arts

10:50–11:40 am

Edward S. Cooke Jr., Charles F.Montgomery Professor of American Decorative
Arts and Chair of the Department of the History of Art, Yale University:
The Long Shadow of William Morris: Paradigmatic Problems of 20th-Century
American Decorative Arts.

11:40 am–12:10 pm

Discussion led by Anne Bowler, Associate Professor of Sociology, University
of Delaware.

12:10–1:30 pm Lunch

Lunch will be provided at the Winterthur Visitor Center.

1:30–2:20 pm

David Lubin, Charlotte C. Weber Professor of Art, Wake Forest University:
Art, Material Culture, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

2:20–3:10 pm

Deborah Willis, Professor of Photography and Imaging, Tisch School of the
Arts, New York University:
Imaging Black Culture.

3:10–3:40 pm

Discussion led by Brock Jobe, Professor of American Decorative Arts,

3:40–4:00 pm Break

4:00–4:50 pm

Dell Upton, Professor of Architectural History, Department of Architecture,
University of California, Berkeley:
Homestead: The Horizons of a Mill Town.

4:50–5:40 pm

Cary Carson, Vice President, Research Division, Colonial Williamsburg
The Stuff of Dreams: Material Culture and the Politics of Social Hope.

5:40–6:10 pm

Discussion led by Michael Leja, Sewell C. Biggs Chair of American Art
History, University of Delaware.

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Micheline Nilsen

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