CFP Jul 4, 2001

Symposium 2002: "Self-Portraits - Mirror or Mask"

John Zilcosky

at the University of Toronto

Self-portraits - Mirror or Mask?
May 27 - 29, 2002 (on the occasion of the 2002 CONGRESS of the
Social Sciences and Humanities of Canada in Toronto, May 25 - June 1)


During the 2002 CONGRESS in Toronto the University of Toronto will be
mounting an exhibition of the Feldberg Collection of over 60
self-portraits by artists of the 1920s in Germany. Included in the
collection are works by many of the best-known painters of this period,
such as Kaethe Kollwitz, Oscar Kokoschka, Max Lieberman, Ludwig Meidner,
and others. This collection has had only one previous public viewing in
its entirety.

In connection with this exhibition an international Symposium on the topic
Self-Portraits - Mirror or Mask? will be held. Both events will run
concurrently with the 2002 CONGRESS, so that delegates to the Congress can
also participate in this Symposium.

The Symposium invites submissions that offer a broad interpretation of the
topic from different disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives.
Submissions need not be limited to the period of the Feldberg Collection.

Some possible approaches:

The place of self-portraits in the broader historical, cultural and
political conditions of the time

What self-portraits reveal about individual painters or writers
and their notion of identity

Self-portraits within the artistic movements of the time, e.g.,
Expressionism, New Objectivity, Cubism, etc.

The "genre" of self-portraits
Self-portrait, self-masking: artistic/literary pseudonyms

Submissions can be in various media, including visual works. Length of
oral presentations should be in the range of 20 - 30 minutes. Submissions,
submission abstracts, and further inquiries should be directed to:
Professor Pia Kleber
University College
University of Toronto
Toronto Ontario Canada
M5S 3H7. e-mail:

Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2001

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