CFP May 2, 2001

The Symbolic Woman, CAA (Philadelphia 20.-23.2.02)

The Symbolic Woman: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Gender Symbolism

This is a call for papers for CAA Feb. 20-23, 2002. The Symbolic Woman: A
Cross-Cultural Exploration of Gender Symbolism will focus on the use of
female biological metaphors and derived cultural and social constructions to
inform images in many world cultures.

A house for the Kwakiutl or a net bag in highland New Guinea serve as
"symbolic women," as do the cross-dressing priests of Shango among the
Yoruba of southern Nigeria. Carved female images may also be symbolic
women, exploiting biological metaphor to send a cultural message. In India,
Yakshi--with her full breasts and curving forms--anthropomorphically
represent the bounty of nature. In medieval France, the "Throne of Wisdom"
Mary symbolizes the Church or House of the Lord. Among the Yoruba of
Nigeria, the female figure on the Shango dance wand evokes the qualities of
humility and generosity appropriate to all worshippers of Shango.

The panel invites individual scholars to explore the imagery of
"symbolic women" in the arts, material culture, architecture, or
performance of Western or non-Western culture groups. Preliminary Proposals
should be sent directly to the session chair by May 14, 2001.

Every proposal should include the following six items:

1. Completed session participation proposal form (available on website
2. Preliminary abstract of 1-2 double-spaced, typed pages
3. Letter explaining speaker's interest, expertise in the topic, and CAA
membership status
4. CV with home and office mailing addresses, email address, and phone and
fax numbers. Include summer address and telephone number, if applicable.
5. Slides, videotapes or other documentation of work when appropriate (with
s.a.s.e.), especially for sessions which artists might discuss their own
6. a stamped, self-addressed postcard for confirmation that proposal has
received (if mailing internationally, it is recommended that proposals be
sent via certified mail, return receipt requested.

Chairs will determine the speakers for their sessions and reply to all
applicants by June 18.

Aug. 31 -- Session chairs receive final abstracts from speakers
Dec 3 -- Session chairs receive final drafts of speakers' papers.

contact: chair: Jean Borgatti, Visual and Performing Arts Dept., Clark
University, Worcester MA 01610.

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