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The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh

Joanna Kirkpatrick

Website updated: The Ricksha Arts of Bangladesh

More images, more interpretive and descriptive texts:

This is a website based on more than twenty years of research on
popular arts in Bangladesh, focused on the ricksha arts -- between my
first visit in 1975-76 when I was visiting faculty at the Institute
of Bangladesh Studies at Rajshahi University, and after several
visits later including a U.S. government Fulbright Senior Research
Grant in 1986-87, my last visit to shoot video for my CD-ROM, in
1998. The main thesis of my work on ricksha arts is a hermeneutic of
male desire. Most of my interpretive writing is on the CD, but the
website update includes two articles from the CD-ROM (which is
currently under publisher review)--the General Introduction to the
CD, and an excerpt from the CD of my philosophy of fieldwork and
interpretation, titled "Life is Short..."; plus a Bibliography. In
addition I've added more images, more comparative conveyance arts
images, and more useful links. The articles and Bibliography can be
found on the CD-ROM and Readings pages.


Joanna Kirkpatrick, PhD
Bennington College, Vermont, USA-- ret.1994.

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