CFP Apr 1, 2001

Gender Comparisons, Aarhus DK 6-9 Dec 01

H-NET Announcements Editor

Denmark (6-9 Dec 2001)

Gender Comparisons: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Location: Denmark
Call for Papers Deadline: 2001-04-15

We plan to prepare an anthology on "Gender comparisons: An
interdisciplinary perspective", presenting contributions from scholars
doing gender research in a genuine comparative and/or transfer
perspective. The focus of the projects should be the comparison or
relation of one or several of the Scandinavian countries with one or
several European countries and/or the United States in the 20th

The overall objective of the anthology is to contribute to the
understanding of the historical development of gender concepts and
gender structures from a comparative and/or transfer perspective,
adopting a variety of interdisciplinary approaches.

We encourage scholars in history, social and political sciences,
cultural studies or other related fields to submit their proposals, to
contribute their results and share the new insights of their original
work. We especially encourage younger scholars who whish to present
the results of their work to a larger public. We aim at choosing
contributors from a variety of countries and a variety of
methodological, theoretical and empirical approaches and results. We
especially welcome submissions using discourse analytical or
deconstructionist methods. Articles as well discussing methodological
questions, for instance on the insights the comparative/transfer
perspective may offer for an understanding of gender, are very

The articles ought not to have been published before. The abstract
written in English should take up no more than one page and provide an
outline of the contribution in mind. Please include a short CV, your
name, affiliation, address, and email address.

Deadline for submissions is 15 April 2001. The editors plan to have
decided on the submitted proposals by the end of May 2001. Deadline
for the submission of the first draft of approximately 12 pages will
be 1 November 2001.

The editors have a cooperative working procedure in view. We want to
offer a scientific network supportive to the researchers, their
projects and the work on their publications. We also want to offer the
opportunity to discuss our work with a larger audience of
international scholars. Therefore, we expect the contributors to the
anthology to both attend a research seminar and a conference.

Given the funding of the seminar and the conference, the editors plan
the following time schedule. All contributors are expected to attend a
research seminar to be held in Denmark 6-9 December 2001 (arrivals on
the 6th, seminar the 7th and 8th and departures on the morning of the
9th). The seminar aims at discussing each others articles. Each
scholar is expected to be the discussant of the work of two fellow
contributors. The second draft will be due by the end of April 2002.
The contributors are expected to attend a conference 30 May-2 June
2002, where the articles are to be discussed for a last time and to be
presented to a larger international and interdisciplinary audience.
The conference too will be held in Denmark. The editors aim at
finishing the work on the anthology by the end of 2002.

The editors are Wiebke Kolbe, assistant professor at the University of
Bielefeld, Germany and Iris Rittenhofer, research associate professor
at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Please e-mail your abstract to Wiebke Kolbe at the e-mail address
listed below both as an attachment (formatted as a Word- or rtf-file)
and as a mail text.

Contact information:
Wiebke Kolbe
University of Bielefeld
Dept. of History and Philosophy
P.O. Box 100 131
D-33501 Bielefeld

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