Feb 13, 2001

Editorial: Pixel Forum, a new page on www.arthist.net

H-ArtHist (Bruhn)

Dear listmembers,

arthist.net now offers a new page in order to provide illustrations for the
discussion or for particular queries, like the one we received from Chester
Swasey who needs assistance in identifying a lithograph belonging to his
private collection.

We regret that we are technically unable to post image files and other
attachments via LISTSERV, but in order to support our subscribers as much as
possible we'll use www.arthist.net/WForumPx.html for this purpose in the
future. Chester's example can already be found there, and comments and
suggestions for improving this page will be appreciated.

For the editors,
Matthias Bruhn

Editorial: Pixel Forum, a new page on www.arthist.net. In: ArtHist.net, Feb 13, 2001 (accessed Aug 16, 2022), <https://arthist.net/archive/24329>.