ANN Jan 16, 2021

Summer University Commoning | Art and Culture (Budapest, 19-29 Jun 21)

Central European University, Budapest, Jun 19–29, 2021
Deadline: Feb 14, 2021

Kristóf Nagy, Courtauld Institute of Art

Commoning Art and Culture | Summer University at CEU June 19-29, 2021
Application deadline: 14 February, 2021
Details, application:

This course asks how and why art and open societies have sustained each other across history, and how they may continue to do so beyond the crisis they jointly undergo in the current context of rapid technological, economic and political transformation. While focusing more specifically on artistic production, on its present crisis, and its possible futures, this course puts art in the broader perspective of the history of cultural production, and of its social, political and economic conditions of possibility at the modern intersection of state and market. Instrumental in this project is the conceptual lens of the “common(s),” a notion that has always been defining cultural production in the modern era in one way or another (as a common good, as a public good, as a human right, e.g.); one, however, that has recently gained new meanings and dramatic currency since the digital turn in media and the financial turn in economics. Digitization and financialization, commodify, segment, and often alienate ever larger segments of our private lives and democratic public spheres. In response to these threats, theories of the commons and practices of commoning coming from the digital and art worlds are transforming the goals and means of art, politics, and economics on the margins of the old state-market infrastructure.

Course Directors:
Alexandra Kowalski Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU, Budapest, Hungary/Vienna, Austria
Jean-Louis Fabiani Department of Sociology and Anthropology, CEU, Budapest, Hungary/Vienna, Austria
Dorothea von Hantelmann Bard College Berlin, Germany

- Check the preliminary programme:

- Participation fee and grant possibilities: Tuition Fee: 550 EUR (Early Bird fee: 500 EUR). For Financial Aid packages check:

- Application procedure: All applicants should complete the online Application Form and upload a CV and a Statement of Purpose by 14 February 2021. For more details see:

- Eligibility: We invite applications from academics (graduate students, postdocs, researchers, junior faculty) as well as from professionals (artists, entrepreneurs, community activists, civil society organizers) engaged in communing practices in the field of culture. We also encourage applications from advanced undergraduate students who have adequate prior study or engagement experience on the subject and make a compelling case in their application/statement of interest.

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