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Dear colleagues,

We want to thank you for your support of the online symposium on Epidemic Urbanism: Reflections on History (May 28-29, 2020):

Between session registrants, symposium attendees, and project collaborators, we have built a community of more than 1,000 scholars from across the globe to be part of this Epidemic Urbanism conversation. And the conversation continues!

Today, we are excited to officially launch our Epidemic Urbanism YouTube channel:

In addition to full recordings of both days of the symposium, on this site, you can find playlists by theme - Urban Governance, Urban Life, Urban Infrastructure, and Urban Design and Planning - that include new discussant responses from experts in the field of public health (and beyond) who underscore the importance of our collective work in responding meaningfully to this and future crises.

In particular, we invite you to view responses by four visionary health leaders:

Dr. Sandro Galea
MD, MPH, DrPH, Dean and Robert A. Knox Professor at Boston University School of Public Health
(response to the Urban Life session is here https://youtu.be/jy_4ewGv5QE)

Dr. Monica Schoch-Spana
PhD, Senior Scholar and Senior Scientist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Health Security
(response to the Urban Infrastructure session is here https://youtu.be/QKjBNqaSWkw)

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein
MD, Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement and Professor of the Practice, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
(response to the Urban Governance session is here https://youtu.be/yrbhGfsVDnA)

Dr. Richard Jackson
MD, MPH, FAAP, Professor Emeritus, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
(response to Urban Design and Planning session is here https://youtu.be/7M4TAC3easA)

We hope you find these conversations as enriching and provocative as we do. Yet our work is not yet done. In the coming weeks and months, we will be hosting conversations with visionary leaders in fields in and beyond public health to talk about the broad implications of epidemics on urban life.

To keep informed of these updates, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Additionally, if you would like to collaborate with us on this or other initiatives, please email us at epidemicurbanismgmail.com.

Please also feel free to forward this announcement to colleagues and friends.

Best regards,
Conference Organizers: Dr. Mohammad Gharipour and Dr. Caitlin DeClercq

WWW: Epidemic Urbanism YouTube Channel. In: ArtHist.net, Jun 30, 2020 (accessed Jul 4, 2020), <https://arthist.net/archive/23331>.

Contributor: Mohammad Gharipour

Contribution published: Jun 30, 2020

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