Urban Creativity (9-11 Jul 20)

online, July 9 - 11, 2020
Registration deadline: Jul 8, 2020

Urban Creativity: Tactics & Activism for addressing Global Changes
(User Experience Online Conference)

Organization: Pedro Soares Neves - executive committee Urbancreativity.org
(9 July) Tijen Tunali - AIAS-Aarhus University, Artandthecity.sciencesconf.org

Since the first edition of UC in 2014, the environmental issues are a permanent concern, at different levels of detail, both in theory and practice. Because climate change unfold before our eyes, for the 2020 edition we decided to focus directly on the issue.

UN Climate Change Deputy Executive Secretary Ovais Sarmad called 2020 "a critical year for addressing climate change." Times we live with demagogue politicians, virus epidemics, communication warfare, economic impact and unpredictable social consequences.

What can UC do about it?

Some ideas for discussion: Awareness, Strategies, Tactics and Activism

Awareness – How urban creativity, public art, graffiti, street art, actions or projects, user experience and research and participation methodologies, could help, for applied, educational, communication impact.

Strategies – Aim for 2030. Predicted or recommended steps that the creative spontaneous phenomenons, associated professional practices, collective dynamic, should take in this decisive decade.

Tactics – Initiatives! What are and should be the initiatives, best practices, specific plans, resources needed. Where, “act locally think globally”? Who are the involved, the actors, individual, collective, anonymous, institutional?

Activism – Promoting social change, raising awareness. How the researchers can create the foundations, register the activities, and put it all in practice? Examples, references, best practices repositories, case studies.


ALL TIMES - Lisbon / London Time Zone
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/ GMT +1)

July 9

9:00-9:15 Opening Speech Tijen Tunali, AIAS-Aarhus University

PANEL I Urban Creativity and Everyday Resistance
Moderator: Tijen Tunali, AIAS-Aarhus University

9:15 Sreejata Roy& Mrityunjay Chatterjee, Revue Artist Space New Delhi: The Art of uneventful everyday

9:45 Samuel Holleran, University of Melbourne: Painted at the piers: Deindustrialisation, urban renewal, and street art interventions at the Harbourfront

10:15 Mathilde Vignau, Aix-Marseille University: The use of sustainable development in urban creative transformations. Analysis of Chalucet creative neighborhood in Toulon

10:45 Ginevra Addis, UCSC, Milan: The power of artistic interventions on the wall in conflict zones as instruments for peace

11:15-11:45 Break

PANEL II Rebel Streets: Visual Culture and Social Resistance
Moderator: Jeni Peake, University of Bordeaux

11:45 Angelos Evangelinidis, University of Graz: Movement Posters as a form of visual culture in the Greek anti-austerity social movements

12:15 Jeni Peake, University of Bordeaux: Jaytalking in the streets of Bordeaux

12:45 Philipp Schadner, University of Applied Arts Vienna: Street rebels with a cause: Punks and their influence on forms of artistic protest

13:15 Marilia Kaisar, UC Santa Cruz: Smartphones in the streets of resistance

13:45-14:15 Break

PANEL III Art, Space and Place in the Neoliberal City
Moderator: Nicholas Gamso, San Francisco Art Institute

14:15 Justin Malachowski, University of California, Davis: Images of the Shaab (people): exploring the hopes, fears, and social media of the new political agent through the public arts in Tunisia

14:45 A.K.C. Crucq, Leiden University: Community art as a platform for political agency

15:15 Julia Pelta Feldman, New York University: Dwellings: Charles Simonds on the Lower East Side

15:45 Jenna Ann Altomonte, Mississippi University: (Dis)Rupture and (Re)engage occupation and protest at the Venice Biennale

16:15-17:00 Closing Speech and Discussion
Todd Lawrence, Paul Lorah, Heather Shirey, and student research team Tiaryn Daniels, Summer Erickson, Hannah Shogren-Smith, and Chioma Uwagwu, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, Minnesota: Landscapes of protest: Demanding social justice and equality through anti-racist street art in Saint Paul, Minnesota

July 10
Graffiti & Street Art Studies, Emergence of a Academic Discipline
All Panels Moderation by Pedro Soares Neves, Lisbon University – Urbancreativity.org

11-13 PANEL I Graffiti Friendships, Zero-tolerance, Stencil Pioneers
Malcolm Jacobson, Stockholm University: Graffiti friendships and existential visual sociology
Jacob Kimvall, Stockholm University: A ‘Cow-Napping’ in Context: From the scribble board to zero-Tolerance (Sub)cultural Interventions in the Public Realms of Stockholm, 1968-2004
Ulrich Blanchet, Heidelberg University: Stencil pioneers in the US

14-15:30 PANEL II Nuart and Urban Forms
Susan Hansen, Middlesex University London, Martyn Reed: Nuart Journal: Freedom
Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk – University of Łódź, Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda – President of the Urban Forms Foundation: The history of Urban Forms Fundations activity - from decorating the city to cooperation with the residents

16-18 PANEL III Research, Maintenance and Trademark Law
Enrico Bonadio, City, University of London: Branding’ street art: Banksy and his reliance on trademark law
Mathieu Tremblin, Strasbourg University: Cover-up maintenance and restoration
Chris Parkinson, University of Melbourne: Converging Marks: The praxis of research, the academic and play within public(s)

July 11
Screens and Beyond - User, Human, Life Centered Design
All Panels Moderation by Pedro Soares Neves, Lisbon University – Urbancreativity.org

10-12 PANEL I Space Online, Digital and on Internet
Emerson Radisich: COVID19 & the Public Sphere: Physical responses in Hong Kong and digital responses globally
Jaume Gómez, University of València: Graffiti and Urban Art in the internet
Peter Bengtsen, Lund University: Follow me! Experimental methods for engaging with the world of graffiti writing

14-15:30 PANEL II User Experience and space
Diogo Almeida – UX Designer at Google (Tokyo, Japan)
Jon Yablonski – author of the book Laws of UX: Using Psychology to Design Better Products & Services (Detroit, USA)

15-16 PANEL III Post and Politics
Anton Polsky (makemake): Conceptual Post-Street Art in Russia
Andrea Baldini, Nanjing University: Street Art, Decorum, and the Politics of Urban Aesthetics

18-20 PANEL IV Closing Panel
Jim Prigoff, Henry Chalfant – Spraycan Art (authors)
Susan Farrel - UX Research & Design Strategy (graffiti.org, ex NNG Group now All Turtles)


Limited to 300 participants.
Questions by order of registered participants.
Commitment fee due to limited places: 5 eur (card payments desktop only)
The payment of the fee is used as participant register.

Details for login in to the Conference online room (via ZOOM) will be sent some days before the conference to the email mentioned in the fee payment.

CONF: Urban Creativity (9-11 Jul 20). In: ArtHist.net, Jun 28, 2020 (accessed Jul 4, 2020), <https://arthist.net/archive/23310>.

Contributor: TIJEN TUNALI

Contribution published: Jun 28, 2020

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