The Bauhaus and Taiwan (Taipei, 15 Jun 19)

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, June 15, 2019

In 2019, the 100th anniversary of founding the legendary Bauhaus is being celebrated throughout the world. Despite its short life-span of only 14 years (1919–33), this ground-breaking design school had an enormous impact not only in its land of origin but in many countries all around the globe. Thanks to its international alignment, the Bauhaus received input from other countries. Conversely, Bauhaus ideas were exported abroad, and not least to Asia.
To mark the occasion of the centenary, the Graduate Institute of Art History at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) will be hosting a one-day forum on June 15, 2019. Proven experts from various countries—among which Taiwan, Germany, and Japan—will be discussing the development of the Bauhaus and its impact on Taiwanese architecture and design during the decades after 1945. The Graduate Institute of Art History at NTNU closely collaborates with two major German cultural institutions, the Goethe-Institut Taipei and DAAD Taiwan (German Academic Exchange Service).

Organizer: Graduate Institute of Art History, National Taiwan Normal University

Venue: National Taiwan Normal University, General Building, 5F, Room 509, Sec. 1, He-ping East Road, Da’an Distr., Taipei City

Morning Session
09:00–09:20 Registration
09:20–09:40 Greetings and Opening Remarks

I. The Foundations: The Bauhaus in Germany
09:40–10:05 Shih Chih-Ming: The Bauhaus Preliminary Course – A Paradigm Shift in the First-Year Design Studio (talk in Chinese) (Moderator: Hsieh Ming-Da)
10:05–10:15 Discussion
10:15–10:40 Wang Wen-Chi: Understanding the Bauhaus in Parallel Time and Space: From Bruno Taut and Jian Ji to the Sprout of Autonomy (talk in Chinese) (Moderator: Chiu Hao-Hsiu)
10:40–10:50 Discussion
10:50–11:15 Coffee Break
11:15–11:40 Joaquín Medina Warmburg: Bauhaus and Thereafter. Building Workshops and Architecture Studies in Germany since 1919 (talk in English) (Moderator: Yin Pao-Ning)
11:40–11:50 Discussion
12:00–13:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

II. Modernism in China
13:00–13:25 Eduard Kögel: New Objectivity in Architecture: Neues Bauen in China (talk in English) (Moderator: Candida Syndikus)
13:25–13:35 Discussion
13:35–14:00 Miho Fukuda: The Influence of Modern Western Architecture in East Asia and Questions of East Asian Architectural Identity (talk in English) (Moderator: Rémi Wei-Chou Wang)
14:00–14:10 Discussion

III. Modernist Architecture in Taiwan
14:10–14:35 Hsieh Ming-Da: Construction of Home and Nation—Historical Context of Modernist Architecture in Taiwan after the Second World War (talk in Chinese) (Moderator: Wu Chieh-Hsiang)
14:35–14:45 Discussion
14:45–15:15 Coffee Break
15:15–15:40 Yin Pao-Ning: The Challenge of Heritage Management for a Post-National Symbol: The Dilemma of the Chungshan Great Hall’s Adaptive Reuse, Taiwan (talk in English) (Moderator: Hugh Hudson)
16:05–16:15 Discussion
16:15–16:40 Lin Jin-Ann: Taipei Walkups: from Modernist Experiments to Vernacular Productions (talk in English) (Moderator: Miho Fukuda)
16:40–16:50 Discussion
16:50–17:10 Short Break
17:10–18:10 Round Table – Short Statements and Discussion
Wu Chieh-Hsiang, Chiu Hao-Hsiu, Candida Syndikus, Wang Wen-Chi, Joaquín Medina Warmburg, Eduard Kögel
18:10–18:20 Closing Remarks

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Contributor: Candida Syndikus

Contribution published: Jun 13, 2019

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