CFP: 3rd Iberian Forum on Museum Studies (Madrid, 18-19 Oct 19)

National Archaeological Museum of Madrid, October 18 - 19, 2019
Deadline: Aug 26, 2019

3rd Iberian Forum on Museum Studies
The history of museums. The history of museology

Background and objectives

In autumn 2017, the 1st Iberian Forum on Museum Studies was held in the National Museum of Sculpture in Valladolid, with excellent academic results. This can be seen from the papers in the conference proceedings, which have been published. The following year, the 2nd Forum was held in the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon. Its success consolidated interest in these international meetings on museum studies in the Iberian and Ibero-American communities. Collaboration between university research groups, museums and institutions have led to the creation of an intercommunication network which supports the Iberian Fora on Museum Studies, whose third edition will take place this year at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.
These events serve the purpose of sharing knowledge in the field of museology, an area of study that is currently undergoing a complete renewal. It is aimed at the research community as a whole and is especially interested in attracting younger researchers, those who are today working on their doctorate or postdoctoral studies, for whom it seeks to strengthen communication in this discipline in the languages of the Iberian Peninsula. The subjects addressed in the first two Fora were deliberately flexible and relative, in order to encourage the convergence of a large community of scholars. The latest Forum, though, is to study more precisely defined matters along more specific lines of work.

Lines of work

The thematic guidelines for the meeting are expressed in the title, The history of museums. The history of museology. The endeavours of many museums to record their own history through publications and exhibitions, some aimed at the wider public, are a relatively new phenomenon, as far as we can tell from their proliferation. The event aspires to connect with this increasing scientific curiosity. Institutional history, the history of collections, of museum practice and, obviously, of museology are among the focus of attention referred to in the title of this 3rd Iberian Forum, whose main function is to encourage the convergence of museum studies in the diverse, shared cultural environment in which we find ourselves. The contributions at the Forum are expected to provide a theory of the museum which is informed by the study of specific examples of the historical transformations that museums have seen.
The final programme and the order of the panels of communications will group the selected proposals by subject matter, valuing especially the rigour and originality of the communications.


Museum professionals and members of the academic community concerned with the history and reality of museology in Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America are invited to submit communications to the Forum. We will be especially pleased to receive proposals for communications from advanced museological research students at universities (Final Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Thesis), as well as from PhDs who are just beginning their academic career. Proposals for communications from more experienced professionals and academics are equally welcome.

Conditions for the submission of communications

Those wishing to submit a communication should send the proposed title and an abstract (maximum 700 words), and a brief CV (maximum 300 words) in a pdf document by 26 August 2019 to the following e-mail address:
E-mail notification of whether or not the proposal has been accepted will be sent within twenty days. From that date, once the communications have been selected, a programme will be coordinated with the speakers. The final programme will be published on 1 October, though a provisional programme is expected by 20 September, at the opening of the registration stage.
The communications selected will be given in an oral presentation which may not exceed twelve minutes. A computer, projector and screen will be available if needed.
The communications presented are to be published.
The working languages for communications and debates will be Spanish and Portuguese, though the texts to be published may be submitted in other languages, and must at all times meet the rules governing length and edition, which will be defined.


The Scientific Committee will award a distinction to one or more verbal communications of exceptional quality, to reflect their eloquence and formal structure, and their observance of the time available.

Registration and fees

Registration begins on 16 September. Preference will be given to registration of participants presenting a communication. In the case of other attendees, registration will be in strict order of receipt of applications, until the capacity is reached.
Registration fee: €20
Registration and the payment of the fee, for both participants and attendees, must be completed in accordance with the following procedure:
1. Application for registration by e-mail sent to:
2. After acceptance of the application, payment of the fee in accordance with the instructions and information sent to applicants.
Registration includes the right to attend all of the sessions, for which an attendance certificate will be issued on request at the end of the Forum. There will be free coffee in the mid-morning break.


Submission of proposals: 3 June to 26 August
Confirmation of acceptance: 16 September
Publication of the programme: 1 October
Payment of fees: 16 September to 14 October
Event: 18 and 19 October


Grupo de Investigación S U+M A [Universidad+Museo], UCM
Museo Arqueológico Nacional. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte. Gobierno de España
Grupo de Investigación OAAEP, Universidad de Zaragoza
Museo Nacional de Escultura. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte. Gobierno de España
Instituto da História da Arte, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

With the collaboration of

Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto
Asociación de Amigos del Museo Nacional de Escultura
Direçao-Geral do Património Cultural. Gobierno de Portugal
Departamento de Historia del Arte. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Executive Committee

Javier Arnaldo
Joana Baião
Ana Gil
Alicia Herrero Delavenay
Jesús Pedro Lorente
Carmen Marcos

Scientific Committee

Lúcia Almeida Matos (UP)
Javier Arnaldo (UCM)
Joana Baião (UNL)
María Bolaños (MNE)
Clara Camacho (DGPC)
Modesta Di Paola (UCM)
Luis Grau (ICOM España)
Raquel Henriques da Silva (UNL)
Alicia Herrero Delavenay (MNAD)
Jesús Pedro Lorente (UniZar)
José Ribeiro (ICOM Portugal)

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Contributor: Modesta Di Paola

Contribution published: Jun 11, 2019

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