TOC Sep 27, 2018

50th Anniversay "Cybernetic Serendipity" reprint available

Glenn Smith, Space Machines Corporation

As announced in the Arts special issue "The Machine as Art (in the 20th Century)", and along with an overview of the historic background ( ), Studio International (the now on-line successor to print art magazine The Studio) has just made available an ultra-high quality 50th anniversary reprinting of its special issue dedicated to the historic 1968 "Cybernetic Serendipity" techno-art exhibition ( ). Originally published in July of 1968 -- one month before the London opening of the show itself -- and edited by curator Jaisa Reichardt, the lengthy (104 pages), lavishly-illustrated (albeit in black and white) special issue features a cover designed by Franciszka Themerson; an introduction by Ms. Reichardt; an overview of cybernetics and its founder, Norbert Wiener; separate sections dedicated to the then newly-established connections between the computer and music, dance, poetry, painting, film, architecture, and graphics; a glossary; and a bibliography.

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