CFP Apr 22, 2018

Sculptors of the State of Milan (Mendrisio/Varese, 16-17 Nov 18)

Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera italiana, Academy of architecture - Varese, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Nov 16–17, 2018
Deadline: May 20, 2018

Mirko Moizi, USI, Accademia di architettura - ISA

Sculptors of the State of Milan (1395-1535)
International conference

Curators: Mirko Moizi, Andrea Spiriti

The studies on the Milanese sculpture from the late Gothic to the Renaissance have known a remarkable increase in the last thirty years, revealing the presence of many less known artistic personalities alongside the most famous and prominent figures, whose activity has been reconstructed in more detail. The variety of research, partly carried out through archival surveys, has also allowed to widen the area of study and to examine in depth many arguments. However, the growth of researches has led to the formulation of very different and conflicting ideas, even on the same topic.

The conference "Sculptors of the State of Milan (1395-1535)" intends to assess the current state of researches on Lombard sculptors active between the end of the fourteenth century and the early decades of the sixteenth century. The conference aims, most of all, at opening a debate involving young researchers of this sector, in order to lay the groundwork for future discussions and further projects (exhibitions, for example). Particular attention will be given to attribution issues, to the relationship between sculpture and architecture and to social topics, such as management and organization of construction sites, the connection between centre and periphery, the links between workshops and workforce, workers mobility and the cultural and artistic exchanges that accompanied these movements; including also artists, like the so-called “maestri dei laghi”, who operated outside the Milanese territories.

In order to participate in the conference, send an abstract (max 500 characters) on the topic you would like to debate and a short curriculum vitae to and no later than May 20th, 2018. The authors of the selected projects will be notified no later than June 10th. A duration of 20 minutes is foreseen for each presentation. Any travel and accommodation expenses will be in charge of the organizers.

Date and venue:
Friday, November 16th, 2018: Mendrisio (Switzerland), Università della Svizzera italiana, Academy of architecture;
Saturday, November 17th, 2018: Varese (Italy), Università degli Studi dell'Insubria.

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