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Number 17 December 2017

General papers

Tessel M. Bauduin (University of Amsterdam), ‘Fantastic art, Barr, surrealism’ 17/TMB
Ayelet Carmi (Harvard), ‘Sally Mann's American vision of the land’ 17/AC1
Robert W. Gaston (Melbourne), ‘Paradigm hunting: architectural and argumentational decorum in Marvin Trachtenberg’s research’ 17/RWG1
Csilla Markója (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), ’János (Johannes) Wilde and Max Dvořák, or Can we speak of a Budapest school of art history?’ 17/CM1 Illustrations
Gavin Parkinson (Courtauld Institute), ‘Positivism, Impressionism and Magic: modifying the modern canon in America and France from the 1940s’ 17/GP1
Barbara Pezzini (Manchester), ‘Art sales and attributions: the 1852 National Gallery acquisition of The Tribute Money by Titian’ 17/BP1
Devika Singh (Centre allemand d’histoire de l’art, Paris), ‘German-speaking exiles and the writing of Indian art history’ 17/DS1
Jindřich Vybíral (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), ‘Why Max Dvořák did not become a Professor in Prague’ 17/JV1

Reconsidering the Origins of Portraiture edited by Mateusz Grzęda and Marek Walczak

Mateusz Grzęda (Jagiellonian University) and Marek Walczak (Jagiellonian University), ‘Reconsidering the origins of portraiture: introduction 17/GW1
Pierre-Yves Le Pogam (Louvre Museum, Paris), ‘The features of Saint Louis’ 17/PLP1
Katharina Weiger (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, Max-Planck-Institut), ‘The portraits of Robert of Anjou: self-presentation as political instrument?’ 17/KW1
Mateusz Grzęda (Jagiellonian University), ‘Representing the Archbishop of Trier: portraits of Kuno von Falkenstein’ 17/MG1
Javier Martínez de Aguirre (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), ‘Pride and memory: perceptions of individuality in Iberian sculpture around 1400’ 17/JMdA
Jakov Đorđević (Belgrade University), ‘Made in the skull's likeness: of transi tombs, identity and memento mori’ 17/JD1
Krzysztof J. Czyżewski (Wawel Royal Castle) and Marek Walczak (Jagiellonian University), ‘Picturing continuity. The beginnings of the portrait gallery of Cracow bishops in the cloisters of the Franciscan friary in Cracow’ 17/CW1
Marek Walczak (Jagiellonian University), ‘The portrait miniature of Cardinal Zbigniew Oleśnicki on a letter of indulgence issued in 1449 for the Church of All Saints in Cracow’ 17/MW1
Philipp Zitzlsperger (Fresenius University for Applied Sciences and Humboldt University, Berlin), ‘Renaissance self-portraits and the moral judgement of taste’ 17/PZ1
Alexander Lee (University of Warwick), ‘The look(s) of Love: Petrarch, Simone Martini and the ambiguities of fourteenth-century portraiture’ 17/AL1
Mary Hogan Camp (The Morgan Library and Museum), ‘The cryptic knot: Jacopo Pontormo’s portrait of Cosimo il Vecchio’ 17/MHC1
Albert Godycki (Courtauld Institute), ‘Countenances of the deepest attentiveness: the historical reputation of Jan van Scorel’s portraits’ 17/AG1
Masza Sitek (Jagiellonian University), ’Just what is it that makes identification-portrait hypotheses so appealing? On why Hans Süss von Kulmbach “must” have portrayed John Boner’ 17/MS1

Anna Blair (Cambridge), ‘The resonance of ruins and the question of history’: Southeast Asia in Ruins: Art and Empire in the Early 19th Century, by Sarah Tiffin, Singapore: NUS Press, 2016, 302 pp., 44 col. plates, £38.95 hdbk, ISBN: 978-9971-69-849-2 17/AB1
John Clark (Sydney), ‘Comparativism from Inside and Outside: Not only a matter of viewpoint’: Comparativism in Art History edited by Jaś Elsner, London & New York: An Ashgate Book, Routledge, 2017, 234 pp., 84 B&W illus., £76 hdbk, ISBN: 978-1-472-41884-5 17/JC1
Jan Gorak (Denver), ‘Process or paralysis? Revisiting the contemporary art canon’: Re-envisioning the Contemporary Art Canon: Perspectives in a Global World, edited by Ruth E. Iskin, London and New York: Routledge, 2017, 294 pp., 42 b. & w. illus., $134 hdbk, ISBN: 978 1 138 19268 3 17/JG1
Jessyca Hutchens (The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford), ‘The legacies of Bernard Smith’: The Legacies of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian Art, History and Cultural Politics, edited by Jaynie Anderson, Christopher R. Marshall, and Andrew Yip, Sydney: Power Publications, in association with the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2016. $35.00 pbk, ISBN: 9780994306432 17/JH1
Matilde Mateo (Syracuse), ‘Breaking the myth: Toledo Cathedral on the international stage’: Toledo Cathedral: Building Histories in Medieval Castile by Tom Nickson, University Park, Pensylvannia: The Pennsylvania University Press, 2015, 304 pp., 55 col. illus., 86 b. & w. illus., $89.95 hdbk, ISBN: 978-0-271-06645-5, $39.95 pbk, ISBN: 978-0-271-06646-2 17/MM1
Claudia Mattos Avolese (University of Campinas), ‘Historiography and the retracing of Latin American art history’: The Academy of San Carlos and Mexican Art History by Ray Hernández-Durán, Politics, History, and Art in Nineteenth-Century Mexico, London and New York: Routledge, 2017, 174pp, 16 b. & w. illus., £110 hbk ISBN 978-1-4094-3412-2 17/CMA
Jennifer M. Sakai (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), ‘The current state of research on Dutch Golden Age painting’: The Ashgate Research Companion to Dutch Art of the Seventeenth Century edited by Wayne Franits, Abingdon, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2016, 478 pp., 91 b. & w. illus., £105.00 hdbk, ISBN: 978-1-4094-6594-2 17/JS1
Anne Nike van Dam (Leiden), ‘Louis Friedrich Sachse and the making of Berlin as a capital of art’: Der Pionier. Wie Louis Sachse in Berlin den Kunstmarkt erfand by Anna Ahrens, Cologne/Weimar/Wien: Böhlau Verlag, 2017, 780 pp., 288 b. & w. illus., € 100.00 pbk, ISBN: 978-3-412-50594-3 17/ANvD1

Karl Johns (Independent) trans. and ed, ‘Josef Strzygowski. Lecture Two: “The History of Art”’, originally published as ‘Zweiter Vortrag. “Kunstgeschichte”’ Josef Strzygowski, Die Krisis der Geisteswissenschaften Vorgeführt am Beispiele der Forschung über bildende Kunst Ein grundsätzlicher Rahmenversuch, Vienna: Schroll, 1923, 35-60 17/KJ1

Colin Eisler (NYU Institute of Fine Arts), ‘Where’s Willibald? A bittersweet NYU Institute of Fine Arts interlude 1963-1965’ 17/CE1
Karl Johns (Independent), ‘”Josef Strzygowski (1862-1941)” a bibliography’ 17/KJ2
Tomáš Murár (Charles University, Prague), Art as a Principle and Pattern. Vojtěch Birnbaum’s Concept and Method of Art History. 17/TM1 English version of Umění jako princip a zákonitost. K dějinám a metodologii umění Vojtěcha Birnbauma, Archiv výtvarného umění, z. s., Kostelec nad Černými lesy, 2017. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND. ISBN 978-80-905744-7-2
Christopher S. Wood (New York University), ‘Strzygowski and Riegl in America’ 17/CSW1. This is the English text that served as the basis for ‘Strzygowski und Riegl in den Vereinigten Staaten’, which appeared in Wiener Schule: Erinnerung und Perspektiven, ed. Michael Viktor Schwarz (= Wiener Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte 53, 2004), 217-34. See
Richard Woodfield (Birmingham), ‘Gombrich on Strzygowski’ 17/RW1

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