British Art Studies, issue 7, 2017

Issue 7 (Autumn 2017) of British Art Studies, an open access and peer-reviewed journal devoted to new research on British art, architecture, and visual culture, is now published and freely available online at:



Elegant Engravings of the Pacific: Illustrations of James Cook’s Expeditions in British Eighteenth-Century Magazines
Jocelyn Anderson

A Photobook of the Shimmer: Pearl Fisheries, Photography, and British Colonialism in South Asia
Natasha Eaton

“The Snob’s Chaldron”: Alexander Davison and the Private Patronage of History Painting in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
Katherine Gazzard


Seeing Red, a Cover Collaboration feature with Glenn Adamson, with photography by Richard Caspole

Art by the Many: London Style Cults of the 1960s, a Conversation Piece feature coordinated by Thomas Crow

“From a Sheet of Paper to the Sky”, an In the Artist's Words feature by Inga Fraser

The Famous Women Dinner Service: A Critical Introduction and Catalogue, a Look First feature by Hana Leaper

The Famous Women Dinner Service: In Conversation with Contemporary Art, a Look First feature with Judy Chicago, Hana Leaper, and The Women's Art League

British Art Studies is co-published by two research institutes: the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London, and the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. All back issues can also be read for free at the journal's website:

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