STIP Sep 24, 2017

Getty Residential Grants, Los Angeles

J. Paul Getty Museum
Application deadline: Oct 2, 2017

Alexa Sekyra, The Getty Research Institute

2018-2019 Residential Grants and Fellowships at the Getty Research Institute concerning the following theme below:

Monumentality (Research Institute)
The 2018/2019 academic year at the Getty Research Institute will be devoted to MONUMENTALITY. Monuments and the monumental address fundamental questions of art and architectural history such as size and scale. Applicants are encouraged to address monumentality in all of its distinct forms, as embodied by various cultures and powers throughout history. Research trajectories to consider include the role of monumentality as a tool for nation building, the subversive potential of monument making, and the monumental in buildings, sculptures, installations, murals, and even small-scale objects. Getty Scholars Predoctoral Fellows Postdoctoral Fellows Guest Scholars National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows Museum Guest Scholars
The Classical World in Context: Persia (Villa)
For a second year, the 2018/2019 term of the Getty Scholars Program at the Villa will address the political, intellectual, religious, and artistic relations between Persia, Greece, and Rome from the ninth century BC to AD 651. The Greeks viewed the Persian Empire, which reached from the borders of Greece to India, as a vastly wealthy and powerful rival and often as an existential threat. When the Macedonian king Alexander the Great finally defeated the Persians in 331 BC, Greek culture spread throughout the Near East, but native dynasties—first the Parthian (247 BC–AD 224) and then the Sasanian (AD 224–651)—soon reestablished themselves. The rise of the Roman Empire as a world power quickly brought it, too, into conflict with Persia, despite the common trade that flowed through their territories.
Priority will be given to research projects that are cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, and that utilize a wide range of archaeological, textual, and other evidence.

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