CFP: The wall as a visual panel in the Middle Ages (Madrid, 6 - 7 Nov 17)

Madrid (Spain), November 6 - 07, 2017
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The 11th Complutese Congress on Medieval Art (Madrid, Spain) aims to think about the visual function of medieval painted walls, taking into account that they were probably the best mass media in their context. It will be paid attention to the following topics: iconography, techniques, forms and expressive resources, socio-cultural context, preservation, and museum exhibition system.
There will be six sessions, any of them with invited conferences and a selection of communications received thanks to the open call-for-papers:

Session I: A multidisciplinary approach to medieval wall painting
Invited Conference of Prof. Fernando Gutiérrez Baños (Univ. Valladolid)

Session II: Territory and medieval wall painting: centre and periphery
Invited Conferences of Prof. Jerrilynn Dodds (Sarah Lawrence College) and Dr. Carmen Rallo (General Office of Museums of the Nation in Spain)

Session III: Function and meaning of the wall painting
Invited Conferences of Prof. Simone Piazza (Univ. Paul Valéry, Montpelier III) and of Dr. José Miguel Lorenzo Arribas (Scholl of Cultural Heritage in Spain)

Session IV: Techniques and colors in the preparations of the wall
Invited Conference of Prof. Rafael Ruiz Alonso (Royal Academy of History and Art of Saint Quirce)

Session V: Wall as an occasional support of other artistic techniques
Invited Conference of Prof. Roger Rosewell (Society of Antiquaries of London)

Session VI: Heritage: conservation, museums and virtualization of medieval wall painting
Invited Conference of Prof. Jordi Camps (MNAC)

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