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Moving Image Review & Arts Journal

London & Bangalore
Deadline: Mar 1, 2017

Rashmi Sawhney

Moving Image Review & Arts Journal (7.2)
Special Issue: Transnationalism and South Asian Artists Moving Image. Submission Deadline: 1 March 2017

Guest edited by Lucia King and Rashmi Sawhney

This special issue looks at film and video art practices from South Asia in order to theorise the relationship between regional, global and transnational moving image cultures. We invite articles that build upon foundational work in South Asian moving image art and film histories as well as transnational art practices and aesthetics. We welcome articles that focus on the circuits of production, exhibition and authoring of South Asian artists moving image in order to chart key theoretical terrains of 'regional' practices in a global context. We solicit articles from artists, critics and curators who work within and outside South Asia, that highlight conceptual frameworks and offer insights on the multi-layered relationships between ‘home and the world’, region and identity, aesthetics and translatability, cultural specificities and contexts of classification/consumption/circulation.

We invite articles that examine:

- Theories of film and video art outside of the 'national' framework that are attentive to influences, collaborations and exchanges across geographic and political regions.
- Regional exchanges and collaborations between artists and filmmakers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
- The relationship between region, identity and moving image practice in South Asia.
- The aesthetic pre-cursors (in a pre-cinematic sense) that influence contemporary moving image art in the region, including investigations of artist(s)' methodologies.
- Experiments in film and video art that emphasise 'indigenous forms'.
- Transnational curatorial practices that work with and around the regional/national framework.
- Historicising South Asian moving image art in the post-medium context.
- Spectatorship and post medium/ multi-media art in/from South Asia.
- South Asian artists' moving image engagement with science, political activism, environmentalism, urbanism etc.
- South Asian artists' moving image hybridity with genres such as experimental film, documentary, and digital media.
- Digital media and the exhibition and distribution of 'regional' moving image art.

We publish the following types of writing: Scholarly articles (5000-7000 words); opinion pieces, feature articles and interviews (3000-5000 words); review essays of books, individual works, exhibitions and events (3000-5000 words). Scholarly articles will be blind peer-reviewed and feature articles and review essays can be peer-reviewed on request. Articles submitted to MIRAJ should be original and not under consideration by any other publication, including online publications. We do not publish articles by artists about their own work, nor reviews by curators or venues about their own exhibitions.

Please submit completed manuscripts only.
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