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Adding, Revising and Rewriting (Beijing, 21-23 Oct 16)

Bejing, 21.–23.10.2016
Eingabeschluss : 10.07.2016

Yanwu Wu, Peking University

Adding, Revising and Rewriting - Material, Value and the Way of Narration in Art History

The 7th International Graduate Student Symposium of Art History
Peking University, October 21-23, 2016

Keynote Speaker: Professor Li Song
Department of Art History, School of Arts, PKU

In the past decade, with the introduction of fields such as archeology, history, literature and cultural study, the structure and the boundary of art history research has been greatly expanded. Art history has gone through multiple methodologies from form analysis to visual culture. “Artworks-Centered History” in a single culture is gradually replaced by diversified patterns with different culture traits. Many theories and ideas are transplanted to art history through interdisciplinary approaches. Thus, materials and evidences of art history have become diverse. Besides image and text, materials such as urban space, objects, tombs and aesthetic habits are now meaningful as evidences.
Breathing life while carrying forward the tradition; Opening our eyes to absorb anything stimulating. Problems and methods of eastern and western scholars of art history have been constantly remodeled and updated. The way of writing about art history has been continuously revised, expanded and extended. Some popular opinions are constantly being questioned and criticized, and being added, revised and even rewritten. Under such circumstance, breaking the way of narration and analysis framework of traditional art history and completing the critical reconstruction and integration has become an issue that needs discussions from all art historians. How to review and reconsider the existing knowledge paradigm, how to effectively respond to our own knowledge context today, and how to find out suitable research methods for specific objects are all worth examining.

We invite graduate students of art history to submit abstracts of papers for presentation at the 7th International Graduate Student Symposium of Art History at PKU in Beijing (The working language will be Chinese and English). Accommodations including food and lodging will be provided to the invited participants.

Potential participants should submit a proposal of 1000-word and current curriculum vitae to: by July 10, 2016. A confirmation email will be sent to the applicants when the proposals are selected.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Ms. Huang Lingzi:
Ms. Zhao Yajie:

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Shool of Arts, Peking University
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