CFP: Feminism & Early Modern Art (CAA, Los Angeles 2012)

Deadline: May 27, 2011

Call for Papers: Feminism and Early Modern Art

College Art Association, Los Angeles, February 22-25, 2012

Sponsor: The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (

Organizer: Andrea Pearson, American University

Feminism has indelibly transformed the study of early modern art and architecture, and yet seldom, in comparison to other disciplinary fields, is its practice explored self-consciously, discretely, or critically. The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women seeks papers that contribute to or critique feminist art-historical practice from any perspective. Possible topics include the historiography of feminist thought, managing resistance to or suppression of feminist study in scholarship, and the relationship of feminism to gender studies and men's studies. Presentations that employ?or challenge?feminist approaches to art in history are equally welcome. Papers could address, for example, the gendering of objects and spaces, value judgments assigned to artistic media, the reception of images by women and/or men, the relationship of gender to class and race, and importantly, notions of power in early modern society.

Please send an abstract of one to two double-spaced, typed pages and a short CV to Andrea Pearson at by Friday, May 27, 2011. Notification by June 15.

CFP: Feminism & Early Modern Art (CAA, Los Angeles 2012). In:, Apr 23, 2011 (accessed Jul 21, 2019), <>.

Contributor: Andrea Pearson, American University

Contribution published: Apr 23, 2011

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