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Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, vol. 15, Issue 1

Petra Chu

NCAW Spring 2016, Vol. 15, Issue 1


Digital Humanities and Art History, sponsored by The A.W. Mellon Foundation

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide's "Digital Humanities and Art History": Reflections on Our First Articles
by Emily Pugh, with Elizabeth Buhe and Petra Chu


"Theodor Rocholl and the Time of a Reluctant Cosmopolite"
by Peter Christensen

"'The admiration one feels for something strange and uncanny': Impressionism, Symbolism, and Edward Steichen's Submissions to the 1905 London Photographic Salon"
by Kurt E. Rahmlow

"L'Année terrible Viewed by John Tenniel"
by Jonathan P. Ribner

"How to Get Rich as an Artist: The Case of Félix Ziem—Evidence from His Account Book from 1850 through 1883"
by Léa Saint-Raymond

"Panorama of War: The Salle de Crimée in Versailles"
by Julia Thoma

New Discoveries

Portrait of Emma Darwin by Charles Fairfax Murray
by Matthew Turner


Letter to the Editor from Vibeke Röstorp

Book Reviews

The Representation of the Struggling Artist in America, 1800–1865
by Erika Schneider
Reviewed by Catherine Southwick

The First Smithsonian Collection: The European Engravings of George Perkins Marsh and the Role of Prints in the U.S. National Museum
by Helena E. Wright
Reviewed by Jane Van Nimmen

A Sisterhood of Sculptors, American Artists in Nineteenth-Century Rome
by Melissa Dabakis
Reviewed by Laurinda S. Dixon

The Work of Art: Plein-air Painting and Artistic Identity in Nineteenth-century France
by Anthea Callen
Reviewed by Catherine Southwick

The Symbolist Roots of Modern Art
edited by Michelle Facos and Thor J. Mednick
Reviewed by Alexis Clark

Exhibition Reviews

Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art
Reviewed by Janet Whitmore

Der Ring: Pionierjahre einer Prachtstrasse / Vienna's Ringstrasse: The Making of a Grand Boulevard
Reviewed by Eric Anderson

Art of the American West: The Haub Family Collection
Reviewed by Theresa Leininger-Miller

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