TOC Jun 16, 2015

Journal of Art Historiography, special issue, June 2015

Richard Woodfield, University of Birmingham

The European scholarly reception of 'primitive art' in the decades around 1900: guest edited by Wilfried Van Damme and Raymond Corbey

Introduction: Raymond Corbey (Tilburg and Leiden Universities) and Wilfried Van Damme (Leiden University) 'European encounters with 'primitive art' during the late nineteenth century' 12/vDC1


Maarten Couttenier (Royal Museum for Central Africa), '"One Speaks Softly, Like in a Sacred Place." Collecting, Studying and Exhibiting Congolese Artefacts as African Art in Belgium (1850–1897)’ 12/MC1

Christian Kaufmann (University of East Anglia), 'Seeing art in objects from the Pacific around 1900: how field collecting and German armchair anthropology met between 1873 and 1910' 12/CK1

Susanne Mersmann (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz), 'Defining art in instructions for travellers: the agency of the Questionnaire de Sociologie et d'Ethnographie drafted by the Paris Anthropological Society in 1883' 12/SM1

Raymond Corbey (Tilburg and Leiden Universities) and Frans Karel Weener (Independent), 'Collecting while Converting: Missionaries and Ethnographics' 12/RCFW1

Frances S. Connelly (University of Missouri-Kansas City), 'John Ruskin and the Savage Gothic' 12/FSC1

Ruud Welten (Tilburg University), 'Paul Gauguin and the complexity of the primitivist gaze' 12/RWA1

Susanne Leeb (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg), 'Primitivism and humanist teleology in art history around 1900' 12/SLb1

Susan Lowish (Melbourne), 'Evolutionists and Australian Aboriginal art: 1885-1915' 12/SL1

Pierre Déléage (Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale, Collège de France, Paris), 'The origin of art according to Karl von den Steinen' 12/PD1

Oscar Moro Abadía (Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland), 'The reception of Palaeolithic art at the turn of the twentieth century: between archaeology and art history' 12/OMA1

Marjan Groot (LUCAS Institute of Leiden University), 'Inscribing women and gender into histories and reception of design, crafts, and decorative arts of small-scale non-European cultures' 12/MG1

Priyanka Basu (Scripps College), 'Ornamental "Borderlands": Elisabeth Wilson and Martin Heydrich's historiographies of "primitive" ornament' 12/PB1

Kathryn W. Gunsch (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), 'Seeing the world: Displaying foreign art in Berlin, 1898-1926' 12/KG1

Julia Kelly (Loughborough), '"Dahomey!, Dahomey!": the reception of Dahomean art in France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries' 12/JK1

Kathleen De Muer (Free University, Brussels), '"Primitive art" in Henry Van de Velde's art theory at the end of the nineteenth century' 12/KDM1

Ursula Helg (Zurich University of the Arts), '"Thus we forever see the ages as they appear mirrored in our spirits": Willhelm Worringer's Abstraction and Empathy as longseller, or the birth of artistic modernism from the spirit of the imagined other' 12/UH1

Yaëlle Biro (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY), 'African arts between curios, antiquities, and avant-garde at the Maison Brummer, Paris (1908-1914)' 12/YB1

Rudolf Effert (Independent), 'Ethnographic Art between debate and polemic: J.P.B. de Josselin de Jong's hitherto unpublished manuscript "On uncivilized art and civilized "artistry"" [1920]' 12/RE1

Ruth B. Phillips (Carleton University), 'Aesthetic primitivism revisited: The global diaspora of 'primitive art' and the rise of indigenous modernisms' 12/RBP1


Rudolf Effert (independent), 'On uncivilized art and civilized "artistry": An ethnological enquiry', J.P.B. de Josselin de Jong, previously unpublished [1920]. 12/RE2

Karl Johns (independent), 'Alois Riegl and the Maori': Alois Riegl 'Ornament from New Zealand', originally published as 'Neuseeländische Ornamentik', Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien, vol. 20, new ser, vol, 10, 1890, 84-87. 12/KJ1

Karl Johns (independent), 'Schlosser and Montaigne in the Festschrift for Franz Wickhoff': Julius Schlosser, 'Glosses on a passage in Montaigne', originally published as: 'Randglossen zu einer Stelle Montaignes', Beiträge zur Kunstgeschichte, Franz Wickhoff gewidmet von einem Kreise von Freunden und Schülern, Vienna: Schroll, 1903, 172-182 and reprinted in Schlosser, Präludien Vorträge und Aufsätze, Berlin: Bard, 1927, 213-226. 12/KJ2

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