CFP May 4, 2014

1 session at CAA Annual Conference (New York, 11-14 Feb 15)

College Art Association 103rd Annual Conference, New York, Feb 11–14, 2014

H-ArtHist Redaktion

American art in unlikely places: exhibitions beyond the
transatlantic axis
Association of Historians of American Art (AHAA), Professional Session

Chair: Alex J Taylor, University of Oxford

What was the impact of the 125 American artworks that made their way to
the 1910 Exposición Internacional del Centenario in Buenos Aires,
Argentina? Or the 1940s exhibitions of American art reproductions
mounted by the Office of War Information in Australia? Or the 1967
survey of post-war American printmaking whose extensive African tour
began in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso? This panel will bring together a
group of papers exploring exhibition histories that extend beyond the
dominant transatlantic traffic between North America and Europe to
consider the circulation of American art in a more properly global
sphere. As the Terra Foundation for American Art has recently focused
its attention on exhibitions in Asia and Australia, this session seeks
to sketch a usable past for the global circulation of contemporary
American art exhibitions.

Drawing on the perspectives provided by Groseclose and Wierich's edited
volume Internationalizing the History of American Art: Views (2009), and
the Smithsonian American Art Museum's symposia series 'American Art in a
Global Context' (2006, 2009 and 2013), this session will seek to bring
to light little-known instances of American art's exhibition on the
supposed peripheries of the international art world. Papers can consider
exhibition contexts ranging from single works to broad surveys dating
from before 1980, including public displays of reproductions. Museum
staff whose own institutions were involved in such projects are
encouraged to draw on internal archives to resuscitate these histories.
The involvement of agencies including the Carnegie Corporation, the
Museum of Modern Art's International Program, the Art in Embassies
scheme and other diplomatic and commercial vehicles for exhibitions of
American art beyond Europe and the United Kingdom may be considered.
Speakers can grapple with the period reception of these exhibitions, the
motives of their curators and patrons, and the cultural reverberations
left in their wake.

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