CFP Nov 5, 2013

Feminism in the 21st Century: Art, Visibility, Diversity

Deadline: Apr 15, 2014

Alla Myzelev

Call for papers -­ Feminist Art Conference proceedings
Preliminary Title: Feminism in the 21st Century: Art, Visibility, Diversity

a multidisciplinary art conference inspired by feminism

Feminist Art Conference, now in its second year, solicits submissions for its upcoming publication.

Following the success of the first Feminist Art Conference in March 2013, FAC committee was approached by commissioning editor of Cambridge Scholars Publishing to prepare a volume of essays based on the materials of the conference. As a result, FAC committee is starting preparatory work on the future publication which will feature main themes, artworks, and ideas from the two conferences (one from the past 2013 and from the upcoming one 2014). The editors are particularly interested in the submissions that deal with the following issues:

-­ Urban Feminism
-­ Feminism and Labour
-­ The inclusion and exclusion of Feminism
-­ Young Feminist Art – work of young feminists (under 30) and their engagement with Feminist ideas.
-­ IntersecGonality
-­ Feminism and colonialism/capitalism

We are soliciting submission for two types of contributions for this publication. The first one is an academic essay up to 8,000 words in length. The essays can deal with the issues outlined above or can be related to other ideas and themes. We are asking that the essays be based on the artworks and performances from either conference of 2013 or 2014. The artwork exhibited in 2013 conference can be found online at The artwork that will be exhibited during 2014 conference will be available on in later February/Early May. In addition, the essays can discuss other works of art, theories, media presentations, performance pieces, and other content.

The second type of contribution is the artists’ panel discussion. We are looking for artists, scholars, and performers who will discuss the connections between their work and current aspects of Feminist art. The discussions will be facilitated by one of the editors and will happen either as a public event, or as an informal discussion. The summaries/transcripts of these discussions will be then published in the volume. This strategy was devised to augment traditional academic discourse of analyzing artworks. We believe that panel discussions around specific topics will give voice to artists whose approach includes feminist ideas and theoretical concepts. The transcripts of these discussions will be published in the volume.

Submission procedures for academic papers:
Submit abstracts minimum 300 and maximum 500 words and your CV in PDF file.

Submission procedures for panel discussions:
Submit expression of interest of up to 200 words. In your submission please explain how your work relates to at least one of the mentioned above themes of the volume and CV in PDF file.

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2014

Send your submission to:
In the subject line please put FACPUB 2014 + your last name.

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