CFP Sep 14, 2013

Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period (Liège, 30-31 Jan 14)

Université de Liège - Belgium, Jan 30–31, 2014
Deadline: Nov 1, 2013

Anne-Sophie Laruelle, Université de Liège

Research on the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period (14th-17th centuries). Meeting among PhD students

Call for papers

Since the development of universities to the changes caused by Galilean science, Europe has experienced constant questionings which challenge its political balances and their legitimations, which undermine the foundations of confessional unity and move the borders of knowledge and creation. Trying to transcend the divisions inherited from a long
historiographical tradition, the research department Transitions addresses the mutations which characterize the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period (14th-17th centuries). Resolutely multidisciplinary, this department intends to enlarge our interests to the
constellation of factors which contributed to the political and cultural construction of the frames within which we still define ourselves today.

Within the context of the doctoral training of young researchers - all fields taken together - who are interested in this period, Transitions is organising a two-day meeting for PhD
students from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 January 2014. This initiative aims at promoting the exchange and the confrontation of ideas and research methods among students, PhD students and researchers from different countries who are interested in history as well as art history, musicology, philology, linguistics and French or Italian literature. Those two days are organised around lectures by PhD students at the beginning or the end of their thesis work who are invited to present the issues and methods of their research works. The lectures will be the object of discussions which are resolutely meant to be transdisciplinary.

The lectures should not last more than twenty minutes. They will be given in French or in English. The speakers will focus on the core and the methodology of their research. Each lecture will be followed by a short debate with the audience.

The organising committee is expecting the PhD students' proposals, addressed as attachment to a mail to DR Transitions (, for Friday 1 November 2013 at the latest. The attached file will include the personal data of the PhD student and those of the research director(s), the title of the thesis, the title of the lecture, the year of registration as a thesis and a fifteen-line summary of the proposed lecture written in French or in English. A confirmation of acceptance or denial will be sent to the PhD students late November.

Each PhD student is invited to contact their university about the possibility to include their participation to this meeting in the framework of their doctoral training (obtaining an attestation, ECTS credits, etc.). The organizers will provide a document certifying the active participation of the PhD student at the end of the seminar.

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