CFP Jul 5, 2024

1 Session at FATE (Washington, DC, 10-12 Apr 25)

Washington, DC Metro Area, Apr 10–12, 2025
Deadline: Jul 22, 2024

Pierette Kulpa, Mertztown

Critiquing the Critique in the Art, Design, Art Education, and Art History Classrooms" at FATE 2025 Biennial Conference.

We are seeking paper proposals for the FATE (Foundations in Art Theory and Education) biennial conference in April 2025 in the Metro DC Area for the panel session entitled “Critiquing the Critique in the Art, Design, Art Education, and Art History Classrooms.”

Feedback, often provided in the form of a critique, has long been a part of art, design, art education, and art history disciplines. Despite this longevity of service to our fields, critique and the general providing of feedback, remain a fraught part of art pedagogy, with students often feeling overly stressed about the process, too nervous to honestly share, frustrated that they cannot make adjustments based on feedback, and consequently avoiding feedback, and with assessment methods being (unconsciously) exclusive, biased, and Eurocentric. This panel proposes to bring faculty from a variety of art-related fields together to share inspiring stories of how the critique and feedback processes have been remixed in their classrooms. We invite paper proposals that share stories of innovative and engaging techniques, the use of new assessment strategies and inclusive methodologies, the inclusivity of neurodiversity, and other case studies that have contributed to their own redefining of the critique process in their classrooms. We hope that the inter-disciplinarity of this session across the arts will allow for productive conversations and collaborative brainstorming to continue to redefine this pillar of art pedagogy.

Please submit paper proposals directly to the conference website portal here:

Notifications will be sent out in September, 2024. For general information about the conference please visit the FATE conference website: .

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