CFP May 6, 2024

3 Sessions at UAAC (London, CA, 24-26 Oct 24)

Western University, London, ON, Oct 24–26, 2024
Deadline: May 31, 2024 Redaktion

2024 Conference of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC-AAUC), Oct 24th - 26th, 2024:

[1] Dust as Human, dust as Cosmic in Contemporary Art and the Mythopoetic
[2] Latin American art and its diasporas: recent studies / L’art latino-américain et ses diasporas: études récentes
[3] Fashion Images

[1] Dust as Human, dust as Cosmic in Contemporary Art and the Mythopoetic
From: Laurel McLaughlin
Date: May 2, 2024

Scientific research of the twenty-first century has determined stardust as a compositional element of human beings. We find this phenomenon, alongside rhythmic, circular, perforated, and temporal arcs from stardust to the compounded crises in the anthropocene, in contemporary art and mythopoesis. “If,” as put by curator and scholar Emelie Chhangur (2018), “every molecule in our body is made of dying stars, new constellations are in constant formation.” Such creative inquiry speaks to layered and intersecting knowledges across cultures and generations, tracing stars in the sky and registering embodied epistemologies. Positioning cosmic materialities as both communal offerings and non-human points of reference opens discussions concerning apriori imaginaries to colonization and inspires futures beyond it.

Lawrence and McLaughlin invite papers, videos, performances, and performance-lectures that engage interstellar histories and mythopoesis, cosmic dust, or macrocosmic/microcosmic interpretations within contemporary art for this panel at UAAC-AAUC. Addressing efforts towards ecological sustainability and limitations relating to access and economic means, the format of this panel will be hybrid.

To submit download: and complete the Proposal Submission form and email to art historians and curators Toby Lawrence, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and Laurel McLaughlin, Tufts University Art Galleries,

Include all fields: the applicant’s name, email address, affiliation and a brief biography (150 words max.), session selected and title of paper proposed with description (300 words max.) in English or French.

[2] Latin American art and its diasporas: recent studies / L’art latino-américain et ses diasporas: études récentes
From: Irene Rodriguez
Date: May 4, 2024

Diasporas are at the heart of the present day, and the 2024 edition of the Venice Biennale aims to celebrate them by showcasing artists who navigate multiple cultural identities. This session aims to assess the current position of Latin American artists, curators, and art critics within the international art circuits. We welcome proposals that address the presence of art from Latin America, within or beyond its geopolitical borders, from the pre-Hispanic period to the contemporary era. Papers in all formats - traditional and non-traditional - are welcome (podcasts, videos, performances, etc.).

Keywords: Latin American art, diaspora, contemporaneity, modernity

Please submit 250 word abstracts to Emmanuelle Lafrance ( and Irene Rodriguez ( by May 31

[3] Fashion Images
From: Peter Sproule
Date: May 6, 2024

The academic field of fashion studies originally derived from art historical methods, relying upon visual analysis of artworks for insight into the clothed past. However, fashion history scholars now often emphasize sociological, anthropological, and material culture approaches for documenting dress as it has been physically worn. This panel re-examines the unique perspective of fashion images as a visual culture, apart from their reference to material garments. Inviting scholars dealing with both historical and contemporary clothing, this panel intends to explore how fashion images provide evidence of cultural anxieties (Arnold), invite affective interpretations (Filippello), interact with racialized representations (Summers), and complicate histories of design and gender (Potvin). Responding to renewed attention to the analysis of clothing through historical artwork (Mida; Miller), this panel also welcomes contributions that centre fashion photography (Shinkle), fashion illustration (Calahan), fashion journalism (Nelson Best), visual archives (Matthews David), online media (Pham), or other intermedial relationships (Geczy/Karaminas; Dogramaci).
Keywords: Fashion, Clothing, Visual Culture

Conference regulations, submission details, and the full list of calls for papers can be found at Using the Proposal Submission Form available through the website, please send your abstract for this session to by May 31st.

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