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react/review, Vol. 4: Subversion Zones: Bodies and Spaces at the Threshold

Ben Jameson-Ellsmore, University of California, Santa Barbara

The co-managing editors of react/review: a responsive journal for art and architecture are proud to announce the publication of Volume 4: Subversion Zones: Bodies and Spaces at the Threshold.
This volume contains peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and response essays by graduate students and early career scholars in art and architectural history as well as practicing urban planners. The journal is open
access and can be viewed here:

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Inhabiting the Uninhabitable at Oakland’s Wood Street Encampment
Ben Jameson-Ellsmore & Taylor Van Doorne

feature articles

Pineal/Perineal: The Anthropological Divide at Monkey Hill
Corey Ratch

Red Tide and the Anthropological Divide at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California
a response by Ben Jameson-Ellsmore

Skating the Surrounds: Chemi Rosado-Seijo’s El Bowl in La Perla, Puerto Rico
Alida R. Jekabson

Against 'Nomadism' as Analytic: Pilgrimage Tents at the Hajj Terminal and Mary of Victory, Wigratzbad
a response by Alexander Luckmann

Inefficient, Unsustainable, and Fragmentary: The Rauschenberg Combines as Disabled Bodies
Cole J. Graham

Dreaming Out Loud: Aphantasia and the Contingencies of Artistic Imagination
a response by Sophia Gimenez

A Hybrid Avant-Garde: Kati Horna’s Balance between Artist Autonomy and Political Engagement
Lizi Anderson-Cleary

The Body and the City: Walking Barcelona with las Milicianas and Eileen O’Shaughnessy
a response by Megan J. Sheard

research spotlight

Insights from Ecology for Health: Design Guide for Fostering Human Health and Biodiversity in Cities
Vanessa Lee, Karen Verpeet, & Jennifer Symonds

exhibition review

For Play and Pleasure: exhibition review of Kris Lemsalu: Chará
Leander Gussmann

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