CFP Apr 14, 2024

Feminist Turn in Study of Visual Sources (Madrid, 23-25 Oct 24)

Madrid, Oct 23–25, 2024
Deadline: Apr 29, 2024

Jitske Jasperse

XXII International Colloquium of the Spanish Association for Women's History Research (AEIHM).
The Feminist Turn in the Study of Visual Sources.

In October 2024, the AEIHM will celebrate in Madrid its XXII International Colloquium, dedicated to the study of the impact of feminist theory on the historiography of art and visual studies. The title of the Colloquium is:

The Feminist Turn in the Study of Visual Sources.

It is our intention to explore the crucial contributions made by feminist theory over the last fifty years to the study of "visual images" (Mitchell, 2019) of every kind. More than merely revealing the participation of women in artistic culture over the centuries - as makers, patrons and active subjects - Feminism questioned the very foundations of the pioneering discipline in the study of images, the History of Art. We believe that it is still important to discuss collectively these contributions, which in many cases remain unknown and whose full assimilation into the academic disciplines of artistic and visual studies is long overdue.

Submission guidelines
The conference presents three thematic areas, for which proposals of max. 300 words can be submitted online in Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Portuguese (click "communicaciones" on and select a session). The online form includes name, organisation/affiliation (if there is one), address, email, and the 300 words abstract (no CV needed).

- Session 1: The Materiality of Sources, coordinated by Dr. María Cruz de Carlos Varona and Dr. Sergio Ramiro Ramírez

- Session 2: The Agency of Women, Coordinated by Dr. Laura Oliván Santaliestra and Dr. Ángela Cenarro

- Session 3: Museums since Feminism, Coordinated by Dr. Jitske Jasperse and Dr. Carmen Gaitán Salinas

Proposals will be reviewed by the conference's scientific committee. Once accepted, the summary that was submitted through the platform will be published online. After the conference and after having been reviewed by the scientific committee, the papers will be published as an online book on the website of AEIHM (in the section "Publicaciones", see

Deadlines include:
- 29 April 2024: submission of proposals
- 13 May 2024: announcement of accepted proposals
- 15 December 2024: submission of the text for publication (max. 6000 words, including footnotes and bibliography)

Keynote speakers are Diane Wolfthal and Hilary Robinson.

For more information, a provisional programme, and the application to upload short papers, see the website of the Colloquium:

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