CFP Apr 10, 2024

Call for Guest Editors: H-France Salon

H-France Salon

Gulru Cakmak

Dear Colleagues,
H-France Salon ( invites submissions for special issues from guest editors. As a multimedia journal encompassing French Studies in its broadest sense, we invite contributions from various disciplines such as history, literature, art history, visual and cultural studies, and anthropology, employing diverse methodologies. Our Salon issues have covered debates, collective reassessments of critical and methodological issues, webinars, tributes to influential individuals, innovative blog projects, and conference presentation recordings. We invite proposals on any topic that extend these initiatives or explore new directions.

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals from guest editors for a Salon issue that investigates scholarly and artistic production during times of crisis, focusing on the ethical, political, and moral challenges of French history. Submissions should offer nuanced insights into navigating crises and their impact on intellectual and artistic endeavors within the French-speaking world. How have scholars, artists, and writers in the French-speaking world responded to these challenges amidst social, political, economic, or other crises? How have the material conditions of working under duress shaped intellectual inquiry?

We invite proposals that address these questions from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to:
- Religious and ethnic dynamics during periods of crisis, including instances of cooperation and conflict
- The role of systemic racism and racial inequalities during times of crisis in shaping access to resources, opportunities, and recognition for scholars, artists, and writers in the French-speaking world, and their impact on intellectual inquiry
- The role of constraints such as censorship, limited resources, and personal risks in times of crisis in influencing the methodologies, research questions, and scholarly outputs of intellectuals
- Comparative analyses of cultural production during crises, exploring common themes, strategies, and responses across different historical contexts
- Exploration of the innovative methods, collaborative efforts, and alternative modes of knowledge dissemination adopted by scholars, artists, and writers under duress, and their implications for intellectual inquiry and cultural production
- Ethical dilemmas encountered by journalists, historians, and intellectuals during political repression or conflict, and their impact on knowledge production

We welcome proposals from guest editors representing diverse disciplinary and methodological perspectives, encompassing fields such as art history, sociology, anthropology, history, literature, cultural studies, and beyond.

Please contact Gülru Çakmak (, Chief Editor of H-France Salon, with proposals and questions. There is no deadline.

Best regards,

Gülru Çakmak (
Chief Editor H-France Salon

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