CONF Apr 2, 2024

After Post-Photography-9 (online, 12-13 Apr 24)

Online / European University at St. Petersburg, Apr 12–13, 2024

Maria Gourieva, St.Petersburg State Univeristy of Culture and Arts

After Post-Photography, international conference on visual studies, history and theory of photography, will take place at the European University at St. Petersburg and online on 11-13 April 2024. Starting with a workshop for emerging scholars on 11 April (with limited attendance), the conference continues with 4 panels on 12-13 April, open for attendance. We welcome everyone interested in photography studies and are looking forward to the discussions and exchange of ideas.

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Conference organizing committee: Maria Gourieva, Olga Davydova, Daria Panaiotti, Friedrich Tietjen, Polina Shishkina, Vika Fomina, Glafira Kukhareva

Conference programme:

APRIL, 11,
11.00 – 16.00 MSK Workshop for emerging researchers (in Russian only)

APRIL, 12,
13:00 – 17:30 MSK (Russian and English, translation provided)

Irina Chmyreva.
Reality in Scotoma of Photography and Propaganda: Gulag Photography Collection, 1929-1936

Erika Wolf.
From Belly to Brain: The Soviet Reception of the Leica

Sofia Lavrova.
“What we show there, here is… how to put it, embarrassing to show: Soviet Photography at Foreign Photographic Exhibitions

Anastasia Kuryanova.
Seen Eye to Eye: China Through the Lens of Russian Photography vs. Other Visual Media, 1860s-1900s

Zsolt Batori.
AI-Generated Photo-Based Images: Their Ontological Status and Interpretation
Timothy Druckrey. The Age of the Word Picture

Renee Brown.
Unsystematic Systems: Paul Vanderbilt’s Reorganization of the FSA/OWI File

APRIL, 13,
13:00 – 17:30 MSK (Russian and English, translation provided)

Maria Gourieva.
Photographic Objects and Materiality of Private Photography

Galina Orlova.
Dosimetric Camera Obscura: Biopolitical and Photographic Arrangements of the Nuclear Century

Ondine Duche.
Amateur Photography and the Persistence of Photographic Truth: A Critical Historiography Through Primitivism

Ilya Leonov.
Revisiting Ancient Monuments: Domon Ken’s Buddhist Images in the Context of 1950s Japanese Photography

Varvara Mikhailovskaya, Katerina Gulina.
Subjectivity of Broad-Scale Historical Corona Spy Satellite Photography in the Context of Ferrous Metal Diggers’ Сommunities

Marina Belaya.
PhotoTherapy – How to Work with Photographs in Psychological Practice

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